Psychology - Forensic psychology

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Question Answer
TDA (A03) Evidence for distinct organised type, but not disorganisedCanter
TDA (AO3) Based on old models of personalityAlison
TDA (AO3) Should focus on motivation rather than types of killersKeppel and Walter
BUA - Geographical profilingRossmo
BUA - Circle theory: Marauder and commuterCanter and Larkin
BUA (AO3) Smallest space analysis of sexual assaultsCanter and Heritage
BUA (AO3) Study of US killers supports geographical profilingCanter and Lundrigan
BUA (AO3) Profiles are usual but only lead to conviction 3% of timeCopson
BE - Atavistic formLombroso
BE - Atavistic form includes afro-caribbean featuresDeLisi
BE - No evidence for shared physical characteristics in offendersGoring
BE - 33% MZ, 12% DZ concordance rateChristiansen
BE - Candidate genes (MAOA, CDH13)Tiihonen
BE - Prefrontal cortex and antisocial personality disorderRaine

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