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Psychology Final Exam

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Question Answer
Psychology is defined as the discipline concerned with: Behavior and mental processes and how they are affected by an organisms physical state, mental, state, and external environment.
_______________ founded the field of psychoanalysis.Sigmund Freud
______________, one of the oldest theories of personality, was very influential and still Psychoanalytic
_______________ is defined as a distinctive and relatively stable pattern of behaviors, thoughts, motives, and emotions that characterizes an individual throughout life. Personality
Which of the following statements best summarizes Erik Erikson’s theory?Eight inevitable crises must be resolved as one moves through life.
Developmental psychologists study physiological and cognitive changes across the life span and how True
The concept of a moral sense can be described as:The ability to distinguish between right and wrong
________ is the understanding that the physical properties of objects, such as the number of items in a cluster or the amount of liquid in a glass, can remain the same even when their form or appearance changes. Conservation
Which of the following is true of spinal reflexes? They involve sending sensory messages to the spinal cord
If your cerebellum were damaged, you would become exceedingly clumsy and uncoordinated. True
Which of the following provides the best definition of consciousness? Awareness of ourselves and the environment
The _______________ dream theory states that the purpose of dreaming is to express unconscious wishes, thoughts and conflicts. Psychoanalytic
The Gestalt psychologists were especially interested in research about _______________.Form Perception
Perception of stationary objects as remaining in the same place, even though the retinal image moves about as we move our eyes, head, and body, is called motion parallax.false
Although there is some debate, ________ is generally thought to have a capacity of seven plus or minus two units of information. short-term memory
________ is a relatively permanent change in behavior (or behavioral potential) that occurs due to experience.Learning
________ founded American behaviorism and recognized the real-life implications of classical conditioning. Edward Thorndike and John Watson
Which of the following schools of thought heavily influenced the study of learning in the twentieth century?Behaviorism
________ is a relatively permanent change in behavior (or behavioral potential) that occurs due to experience. Learning
Culture can be defined as a program of shared ________ that govern the behavior of people in a society as well as a set of shared values and beliefsRules
A belief about people, groups, ideas, or activities is called a(n): Attitude
Which of the following is an emphasis shared by all psychodynamic theories? An emphasis on unconscious processes within the mind
________ disorders include conditions that cause persistent sad, empty, or irritable moods. Depressive
_______________ is a state of arousal involving facial and bodily changes, brain activation, cognitive appraisals, subjective feelings, and tendencies toward action, all shaped by cultural rules. Emotion
________ is defined as an inferred process within a person or animal, which causes that organism to move toward a goal or away from an unpleasant situation.Motivation

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