Psychology AS- Stress

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Question Answer
what does LCU stand for?Life Changing Unit
what are the findings of above 300 LCU points?80% chance of change in physical or mental helth in the next 12 months
who created the SRRS?Holmes and Rahe
what does SRRS stand for? Social Readjustment Rating Scale
what is the most stressful life change according to the SRRS?the death of a spouse (100LCU)
what is the least stressful life change according to the SRRS?planning/going on holiday (11LCU)
what are the findings of 150 or less LCU points?low chance of change in health in the next 12 months
what are the findings of 151-199 LCU points?moderate stress and chance of change in health in the next 12 months
what are the findings of 200-299 LCU points?high stress and 50% chance of change in health in the next 12 months
how much of you life does the SRRS questionnaire consider?the last 12 months
how many life events are there in the SRRS?43, arranged from 5000 patient records
how many people took the SRRS questionnaire to form the LCU scale?400
what is the suproting evidence for the SRRS?Rache et al sailor study
explain the procedure of Rache's sailor study2500 male american sailors took SRRS for last 6 months. kept a detailed health record for next 6 months.
what are the finding of Rache's sailor study?a positive correlation of 0.118 between life changes and illness
give 2 advantages of the SRRSlongitudinal, so rich in detail and shows positive correlation between life change and illness
give 2 limitations of the SRRStoo simplistic and doesn't consider individual differences
what are the three psychological methods of stress management?Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hardiness Training and Stress Inoculation Therapy
who came up with Stress Inoculation Therapy?Meichenbaum
what are the three stages of Stress Inoculation Therapy?Conceptualisation, Skill Acquisition and Application
who came up with Hardiness training?Kobasa
what are the three stages of Hardiness Training?Focusing, Reliving and Compensating
give 2 advantages of psychological methods of stress managementlongterm solution and non invasive
give 2 limitations of psychological methods of stress managementnot good with intense stress and require motivation and commitment
name the two biological methods of stress managementBenzodiazepines (BZs) and Betablockers (BBs)
why were Barbiturates replaced by other anti anxiety drugs (Bzs + BBs)?they were highly addictive and lethal if overdosed
give two examples of Benzodiazepines (BZs)librium and valium
what is Gramma Amino Butyric Acid?the body's natural anxiety relief
what does Gramma Amino Butyric Acid do?when increased by BZs, it lowers seratonin and therefore anxiety too
give 2 examples of Betablockers (BBs)propranolol and aprenolol
what do Betablockers do?act on the sympathetic branch of ANS, blocking adrenaline recepters on the heart surface so lowering blood pressure and heart rate
give 2 advantages of biological methods of stress managementBZs are safe in overdose and BBs have no side effects
give 2 limitations of biological methods of stress managementBzs have withdrawal symptoms and BBs interact badly with astma medication
what are the three main sources of workplace stress?Control, Responsibility and Work Load
what is the key study of workplace stress?Johansson's swedish sawmill study
explain the procedure of Johansonn's swedish samill study into workplace stress14 high risk finishers with isolated, machine paced, repetitive work. stress hormones in urine tested on work days and 6 rest days. compared to group of 10 low risk cleaners. observed patterns of illness and absenteeism
explain the findings of Johansson's swedish saw mill study into workplace stressthe finishers had higher levels of stress, more stress related illeness and higher levels of absenteeism than the cleaners.
give 2 stregnths of Johansson's swedish samill studyhigh in ecological validity and very repeatable and reliable
give 2 limitations of Johansson's swedish sawmill studylow in population validity and does not consider individual differences
what does imunosuppression do?lowers the body's resistance to stress
what do Lymphocytes/Leucocytes do?recognise and destroy harmful bacteria
what do B Cells do?produce anti-bodies which destroy viruses and bacteria
what do T cells do?lock onto infected cells, multiply and therefore destroy the cell.
what do Natural Killer Cells do?fight against tumors and cancer
what is Interleukin B?a blood clotting agent
who conducted studies into stress related illness?Kiecolt and Glaser
explain the procedures of Kiecolt and Glaser's medical student study.blood samples of 75 first years 1 month before and on the morning of their exam. analysed for Natural Killer activity. questionnaire to adress other stress sources
explain the findings of Kiecolt and Glaser's medical student studyNK activity reduced between samples. immune response weaker in those who admitted other stress sources
explain the procedures of Kiecolt and Glaser's punch biopy study2 conditions (-13 female alzheimer carers -control group) punch biopsy 3.5mm below elbow. measured time tasken to heal, interleukin B levels and percieved stress
explain the findings of Kiecolt and glaser's punch biopsy studyppts took 9 days longer to heal than the control group, had less Interleukin B and more percieved stress
give 2 stregnths of research into stress related illnessno ethical issues and high in ecological validity
give 2 limitations of research into stress related illnessbiased sampless (uneven gender) and unreliable and questionnaires encourage socially desirable answers
what deals with acute/immediate stressthe sympathomedullary pathway (SAM)
what is the stressor detected by?the hypothalamus
what does the stressor do? (SAM)activate the sympathetic branch of ANS
what does the sympathetic branch of ANS do?(SAM)stimulate the adrenal meddulla
what does the adrenal medulla do?(SAM)release adrenaline and no adrenaline. activate fight or flight. increase HR and BP. inhibit salivation and dialate pupils
what deals with chronic stress?the pituitary adrenal system(HPA)
what does the stressor do?(HPA)activate the pituitary glands
what do the pituitary glands do? (HPA)release ACTH
what does ACTH do? (HPA)enlarges the adrenal cortex with releases corticosteroids and stimulates the liver to release energy
give 2 examples of corticosteroidsglucose and cortisol
what does the parasympathetic branch of ANS do?contract pupils, increase salivation and drop HR and BP once stressor has disapeared