Psychological Disorders

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Question Answer
General anxiety disorder High anxiety not tied to anything
Phobic disorderIrrational fear of an object or situation
Panic disorderRecurrent, sudden anxiety attacks, accompanied by agoraphobia
Obsessive-cumpulsive disorderUncontrollable intrusions of unwanted thoughts and urges to engage in senseless rituals
Post-traumatic stress disorderEnduring anxiety and disturbance attributed to a major traumatic event
Dissociative amnesiaSudden loss of memory
Dissociative fugueLoss of memory for entire life along with sense of identity
Dissociative identity disorderCoexistence of 2 or more very different personalities
Major depressive disorderPersistent feeling of sadness, despair, loss and self-blame
Bipolar disorder(multiple depressive disorder) manic episodes, irrational euphoria, racing thoughts, impulsive behaviour, increased energy
Avoidance personality disorderSensitive to potential rejection, humiliation, or shame; socially withdrawn in spite of desire for acceptance
Dependent personality disorderLacking self-reliance& self-esteem; passively allowing others to make decisions, putting others first
Schizoid personality disorderAvoid social relationships, show little warmth, little feeling for others
Schizotypal personality disorderSocial deficits & oddities of thinking, perception and communication that resembles schizophrenia
Paranoid personality disorderMistrust in people, overly sensitive, prone to jealousy
Histrionic disorderOverly dramatic, exaggerated expressions of emotion, ego-centric, attention seeking
Narcissistic disorderSelf-important, preoccupied, with success fantasies, expect special treatment, lacking interpersonal empathy
Borderline personality disorderUnstable in self-image, mood, and interpersonal relationships; impulsive and unpredictable
Antisocial personality disorderViolating the rights of others, failing to accept social norms, attachments to others; expletive and reckless
Paranoid schizophrenia Delusions of persecution and grandeur
Catatonic schizophrenia Striking motor disturbances; ranging from muscular rigidity to random motor activity
Disorganized schizophreniaSevere deterioration of adaptive behaviour
Undifferentiated schizophreniaDifferent mixtures of schizophrenia
Realistic viewMental illness vary across cultures
Pan-cultural viewMental illness are much the same around the world
NCRMDNot criminally responsible on account of mental disorder (usually unsuccessful)