Psycho Micro Exam 3 - ImmunoG Response

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Question Answer
Lymphocytes Peripheral - 61-89% are ________.T lymphocytes
Lymphocytes Peripheral - 10-20% are _________.B lymphocytes
Lymphocytes Peripheral - up to 22% are _______.natural killer cells


Question Answer
___ lymphocytes primary locations are regional draining lymphs nodes, the spleen and bone marrow.B lymphocytes (immunogens are transported and concentrated here!)
Immunogens in tissues/organs migrate to ____. In circulation/CNS migrate to _____.lymph nodes, spleen
T-lymphocyte INDEPENDENT immunogens - majority or minority?minority
T-lymphocyte DEPENDENT immunogens - majority or minority?majority
The immunogen has repeating, identical epitopes. (multivalent immunogens, bacterial capsular polysaccharides). Do the B lymphs need the T lymphs?no, T-lymphocyte INDEPENDENT (along with complement fragment augmentation)
T-lymphocyte DEPENDENT immungoens - MUST CONTAIN A ... PROTEIN
Immungoen with many different epitopes. Do the B-lymphs need T-lymphs?yes, T-lymphocyte DEPENDENT
For Ima the Immunogen, it was fate. Transported to the lymphoid tissue to meet her lover in a follicle, ___ lymphocyte.B-lymphocyte (lymphoid tissues are the regional lymph nodes and spleen. B-lymphocyte rich)
How can Ima the Immunogen hitch a ride to the lymphoid tissue?lymph/blood circulation or in a phagocytic cell (like dendritic cells, they eat to present to T-cells, but can keep the immunogen intact for the B-cells.)
B cell possibilities --- Plasma cell - ______ switching - _____ maturation - _________isotype switching, affinity maturation, memory B cell
Complete action --> proliferation --> differentiation of B cells requires 2 sets of signal. First the _____ signal, the second induces proliferation --> differentiation.cognitive
The "cognitive signal" for B cells happens when surface receptors engage immunogen _________.epitopes (primes the B cell to receive proliferation - differentiation signals.)


The Pathway to Hogwarts
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Antigens arrive to ______ ___ cells via afferent lymphatics.follicular B cells
When the antigens arrive at the follicular B cells, they are dumped into..the subscapular sinus
Small antigens can get to the follicles via _____.conduits
Large antigens get eaten by ____ in the subscapular sinus.macrophages
Large antigens get eaten by _____ in the medulla.dendritic cells


The Part of Snape's Class where He Tries to Fail Everybody
Question Answer
The "B-cell co-receptor" ? CR2 / CD21 (Mature B lymphocytes)
Which complement fragment STARTS this nonsense?C3b
Name 2 things the C3b COVALENTLY binds to.a microbe or to an antibody/antigen complex
C3b is bound to microbe or Ang/Anb complex. It degrades another fragment called ___.C3d (remains bound to microbial surface)
What is the receptor for C3d?CR2 / CD21
C2 has 2 buddies.CD19 and CD81 ( complex on the mature B lymphocyte)
When the ____ receptor and the CR2 / CD21 are simultaneously engaged on B cell, what happens?signaling is greatly enhanced


Question Answer
Human _________ cells express TLR.B cells
The TLRs on human B cells are located...either on cell surface or in cytoplasm
Engagement of TLR DIRECTLY activates _________ cells and INDIRECTLY activates _____. B cells, T-cell INDEPENDENT B cell responses


I'm an activated B lymphocyte, and you're gonna hear me ROOOOAAAARRR-- uh oo oo ooooOoo, oo wa ooo o oo OOo
Question Answer
FAME ! I'm gonna live forever, I got _____.Bcl2 protein (FAME! it is anti-apoptotic, great for extra surviving)
Enters ___ of the cell cycle.G1
Increased expression of Class II ____.MHC
What secretes cytokine mediators?Helper T cells (IL-2, IL-4, BAFF)
What has increased receptors for cytokine mediators?B cells (IL-2 receptor, IL-4 receptor, BAFF-R)
Which receptor tries to keep the B cell down, all stuck in the lymphoid follicles?CXCR5
Which receptor says, B cell, be free! Launch! Find your destiny!CCR7
During activation, CXCR5 goes ____ and CCRT7 goes ____.down, up ( B cell leaves primary follicle and goes to T cell areas)