Psychiatry and scientists

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Franz Alexander Father of Psychosomatic medicine
Sigmund FreudFather of Psychoanalysis
Franz Joseph GallFounder of Phrenology(1796)
Wilhelm GriesingerFounder of speciality of Neuro-Psychiatry
Carl Gustav JungFounder of the school of Analytical Psychology
Adolf MeyerFounder of Psychobiology
Benjamin Rush Father of American Psychiatry
John Broadus WatsonFounder of Behaviourism
Isaac Ray Father of American Forensic Psychiatry
Philippe PinelAbandoned forceful restraints,proposed morale and humane treatment of the mentally ill.
Jones Maxwell Propagated therapeutic community
Erik Eriksonpropagated EPIGENETIC PRINCIPLE;divided life into 8 stages
  =Personalities associated with schizophrenia
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Emil Kraeplinin 1896,described Dementia Precox
Eugene Bleulerrenamed Dementia Precox as schizophrenia(fundamental symptom),develooped 4 As of Schizophrenia
Kurt SchneiderFirst Rank symptoms
Benedict Moreldescribed DEMENCE PRECOCE
Arfeudsondiscovered Lithium in 1817,was first used for trt of GOUT and salt replacement in cardiac disease,withdrawn due to fatal toxicity

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