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Immature Behaviors

Question Answer
Acting outavoiding unacceptable feelings by behaving badly
denialbehaving as if an aspect of reality does not exist
distortingaltering perception of upsetting reality to be more acceptable
displacementtransferring feelings to a more acceptable object
fantasysubstituting imaginary scenarios
intellectualizationusing intellect to avoid uncomfortable feelings
projectingattributing one's own feelings to others
reaction formationresponding in a manner opposite to one's actual feelings
regressionreverting to an earlier developmental stage
splittingseeing others as all bad or all good

Mature Behaviors

Question Answer
altruismavoiding negative feelings by helping others
humorusing humor to avoid uncomfortable feelings
subliminationchanneling impulses into socially acceptable behaviors
suppressionputting unwanted feelings aside to cope with reality

Schizoaffective, schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder

Question Answer
Difference between schizoaffective and Bipolar with Psychotic disorderIn bipolar psychotic symptoms occur exclusively during mood episodes
Schizoaffective disordermultiple psychotic episodes with major depressive or manic symptoms. Delusions happen in absent of mood symptosm
Schizophreniform disordersame symptoms as schizophrenia but duration is less than 6 motns and greater than a month

Psychoactive Drug Intoxication

Question Answer
Alcoholemotional, lability, slurred, speech, ataxia. GGT sensitive indicator of alcohol use.
Opioidspinpoint pupils, seizure, respiratory and CNS depression
Barbituatesmarked respiratory depression
Benzosataxia, minor respiratory depression.
Amphetamineseuphoria, grandiosity, pupillary dilation.
Cocaineimpaired judgment, pupillary dilation, hallucinations.
PCPbelligerence, impulsivity, fever, psychomotor, agitation, analgesia, vertical and horizontal nystagmus.
LSDperceptual distortion
marijuanaeuphoria, conjunctival injection, hallucinations.

Psychoactive Drug Withdrawal

Question Answer
Alcoholmild alcohol withdrawal. delirium tremens
Opioidssweating, dilated pupils, , yawning, nausea
Barbituatesdelirium, life threatening cardiovascular collapse
Amphetaminesanhedonia, increased appetite, hypersomnolence, existential crisis
cocainehypersomnlenece, malaise, severe psychological craving, depression
caffeinelack of concentration, headache