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Question Answer
Delusional d/oNon-bizarre deletions
Brief reactive psychosisacute psychosis 1 day - 1 month.
Paranoiapersistent distrust
Schizoactive phase sx for at least 1 month + dysfunction + continuous signs > 6 months
Major depressive episode2 week period
Manic episode > 1 week. Severe impairment, i.e. need hospitalization. May have psychotic features
Mixed episodemanic + major depressive episode for 1 week.
Hypomanic episode> 4 days. No impairment.
Major depressive d/osingle major depressive episode
Dysthymia> 2 years depressed mood most of the day, more days than not. > 1 year in kids.
Bipolar Iat least 1 manic/mixed episode.
Bipolar IINo hx of manic/mixed. At least 1 MDE and at least 1 hypomanic episode.
Cyclothymianumerous periods of hypomanic and depressive sx.
Deliriumdisturbance of conscious ness and change in cognition
Dementiamemory impairment + aphasia/apraxia/agnosia/disturbance of exec fxn
Organic personality d/oshort term or long term personality disturbance large due to brain dysfunction
Panic d/opanic attacks
GADExcessive anxiety and worry at least 6 months
OCDObsession (recurrent thoughts) and Compulsions (repetitive actions/thoughts, feels driven to perform them)
PTSDtraumatic event persistently re-experienced, Avoidance of stimuli. Increased arousal. > 1 month
Conversion d/o motor/sensory deficit d/t neurological or general medical condition. Preceded by stressors.
Munchausen by proxyother (child abuse)
Somatization d/orecurring, multiple clinically significant physical complaints. Not explained by any general medical condition
Anorexia nervosarefusal to maintain body weight, fear of gaining weight, disturbed body view, amenorrhea. Admit if < 65% of body weight
Bulimia nervosa Recurrent binge eating and sense of lack of control
Pedophilia16 or older with 11 (or 13) and younger
Avoidant personality d/olong standing pattern of feeling of inadequacy, social inhibition
Borderline personality d/oextreme reactions, stormy relationships, unstable self image, impulsive behaviors, suicidal behavior
Dependent personality d/oexcessive need to be taken care of.
Histrionicdramatic, flamboyant, extroverted.
Narcissisticgrandiose sense of superiority. Considers themselves special, exploits others for personal gain. (think Trump)