Psych- Therapy and Social

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Psychoanalysis – transformative use the moment of depression to get into their brain what has led them to this
Behavioralfailed reward system – you need a healthy reward system – bad in two ways: too much, too little
Lewiston – Operant theory you have too much reward makes it worth nothing – money means nothing when you have too much
Seligman’s – Learned Helplessnessthey learn “to try is to fail, so don’t try”
Cognitivetoxic thoughts – depressed people tend to think in certain ways to feed your depression
Albert Ells – Arnold Beckthe world is not fair – if you start thinking the world should be fair you will get depressed, as people express these toxic thoughts the therapist attacks these toxic thoughts
Biological Depressionsomeone who wakes up in the morning depressed – configuration of transmitters
Bipolar-lithiumlithium-the magic salts – the salt goes everywhere, we don’t know how it works
Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)used to shock the entire part of the brain, downside: there could be memory loss

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Social Psychologyhow we perceive each other as we interact
First impressionwe can’t remember people’s names when we first meet someone because we are checking them out – we stereotype without thinking about it – we rate their attractiveness
fundamental attribution errorif I see something bad to me I see it as an outside force, but when someone sees something bad happen to me they see it as my fault
Cognitive Dissonancea disconnect – self-image and behavior mismatch – you distort reality – you don’t readjust your behavior you readjust reality
Social InfluenceOther people influence you
Conformity Ash Challengeyou’re always the odd man out, so 75% of people will agree with the group even though we know it isn’t true
Obedience – Stanley MilgumYou are the teacher and you shock the student if they get the question wrong, for every question he gets wrong you up the voltage

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