Psych-Stress and Health

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What is anxiety?Energy with no where to go
Approach-Approach2 things you want, you're only going to get one
Avoidance- AvoidanceInternal mental process, external takes over, escape response attached
Approach- Avoidance There is something you want but you are afraid that if you go for it you will fail or get hurt
Stress is associated with...?Change
Hans SelyeSurgen, general adaptation syndrome, people with more stress have a faster aging of the body
Psychosomatic DisordersReal diseases where the mind is poisoning the body
How should you cope?change your life style, exercise, get rid of bad habits, meditation
EGO DefensesAnxiety driven ways to not pay attention to things (Avoid pain, self deception, prevent problem, learned)

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Abnormal PsychologyBehaviors are constant, explanations vary, social control is questioned.
Galen200ADcame up with a list of disorders and a list of causes of disorders
Temples of SaturnTemples that were given to the mentally ill (saturn is the god of mental illness)
Pope InnocentWitch trials, how to catch a witch and what to do when you have caught them.
Henry the 8thMonasteries are the home to the mentally ill. Now they are the state and governments problem
John LockeHas the idea of the utopia- makes mental illness go away, people are born with a blank slate.
B. RushMoral Therapy- if you are morally corrupt then you would become mentally ill
1950'sThey came up with antipsychotic drugs. this was a treatment and when it didn't work they became the homeless people
1980's - NAMITrying to find out more about mental illness (the families responsibility)
Current IssuesThere is no funding, Housing first, working on half-way houses