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epigenetic landscapessome traits more malleable than others
baldwin effectgenes can control succepibility to enviro
deprivation dwarfismsmall bc malnourished
phenylketonuriaa simple dietary change can bypass a genetic flaw
carotenismturn orange bc carrots
identical twinsfrom same monozygotic egg, same dna. sometimes genes activate differently w age
fraternal twinsdizygotic twins develop from 2 eggs, each sharing half of their parents genes
cross sectional studypeople of diff ages at the same time
longitudinal studiesfollow people as they age for a long pd of time
sequential designmeet people at 1 age and then later on.
cohort effects influence your age group has on you culturally
schemasorganized way of interacting with objects.
4 stages of developmentsensiromotor stage, pre operational, concrete operational, former operational
sensiromotor stageonly react w reflexes, no language or object permanence
pre operational stagelanguage, can go basic mental processing
concrete operational can critically think and problem solve
former operationalonly limit is sense
assimilationchanging old idea to fit a new one
accomodationchanging one's existing ideas to adapt new info
eriksons social development model8 stages of human life, if you dont accomplish one there are problems in the future
continuous theoriesthings flow and move gradually
stage theoriesthings occur in concrete stages
stockholm syndromehostages want to be with captors
james lange theorystimulus evokes autonomic changes, and your reaction to these changes= emotion
schacter singer theory stimulation of sympathetic nervous system arousal creates emotion
nature of polygraph and ways of detecting lies polygraphs measure your sympathetic nervous system
androgensmale group of hormones that inc estradiol
progesteronepreps uterus for implantation of fertilized ovum and promotes maintencance of pregnancy
estrogensfemale hormones that inc estradiol
how does estrogen impact the bodyimpacts internal organs, little effect on external
human sensitive period for genital formation3rd or 4th month of pregnancy
sexually dimorphic nucleus, where anterior hypothalmus gives guys sexual control, women have periods to release hormones
true hermaphrodite50% ovary and 50% testes, either by side or in tissue
homosexual theorieshelp sisters have more kids, when a gene is expressed homozygous it causes gayness and when heterozygous causes good reproductive traits, its a trait that can be activated or not, gene on x chromosome of mother, older siblings are gay more often, not enough prenatal hormones or an excess of androgen.

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