Psych Q's 8-14

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Question Answer
What are the characteristics of antisocial personality disorder?Violate and disregard the rights of others, lie, manipulate, engage in illegal activities. often have conduct disorder in childhood
What is the first line treatment for OCD?SSRI's
What are the sx of alcholic withdrawal and what are their time frames?Mild withdrawal, last drink 6 hours; Seizures 12-48 hours last drink; hallucinations, last drink 12-24 hours; DT- 48-96 hours last drink
How should antidepressant be taken for epidsode of MDD?continued at same dose 6 months after response is noted (if it works)
What are the indications for ECT?Severe refractory depression, depression in pregnancy, refractory mania, NMS, and catatonic schizophrenia
What are the common side effects of ECT?Amnesia, and muscle soreness
What is the timeframe to give a patient a copy of hisher medical record if requested?30 days
How is panic disorder diagnosed?Recurrent and unexpected panic attacks, with at least 4 physical symptoms, either fear of another attack or change in behavior of attack for greater than 1 month
How do you treat panic disorder?Immediately- benzos; long term can give SSRIs SNRIs, and CBT
What are associated illnesses with panic disorder?MDD, suicidal ideation, attempts, substance abuse, agoraphobia, bipolar disorder
What is common sexual side effect of antipsychotics?hyperprolactinemia by blocking D2 receptors in the tubuloinfundibular pathway