Psych & Law Ch 6

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Question Answer
Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation SyndromeA cluster of behavioural and emotional manifestations (e.g., helplessness, confusion, and fear) hypothesized to occur in children who have been victims of sexual abuse.
closed-circuit television (CCTV)A technique for allowing a victim to testify without being physically present in the courtroom. A large television in the courtroom enables the defendant, judge, and jury to see the testimony, but the victim and lawyers are in another room. It is sometimes permitted so that a child victim can avoid testifying in the presence of the person who may have abused him or her.
competency inquiryA judge's assessment of whether a child (or a person with limited mental capacity) is able to testify as a witness in a trial.
hearsay testimonyThe testimony provided by the witness based on what others have said to him or her. The witness does not have direct knowledge of the evidence.
Step-Wise InterviewA protocol for interviewing child victims and witnesses that is designed to maximize the amount of accurate information recalled, while minimizing any potential contamination of the information. The protocol involves a series of steps, moving from the general to the specific.