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personalitypersistant way of thinking
MMPI what does it testpsychopathy
What is the problem with MMPI?no predictive validity, does not predict outcomes or the future
How is the MMPI used innapropriately?police and FBI use this to find people with disorders
thematic appeception testpictures,story film, and continue the story
Rorschach ink blot testbreaks things down or uses whole image
The Rorschach ink blot test and the thematic appeciation test are projective tests
Social Learning theory exampleshy girl goes to preschool, teacher ignore her if she plays with no one, teacher talks to her if she plays with people. This creates bubbly little girl. If she moves preschools, she is shy again
repressiongoing backwards to behaviors we were comfortable with before
introvertconsumed with self
extrovertmore outgoing
thinkersrational thinking solution
sensationhere and how (sounds, texture, taste)
intuitivehow did it get here and where is it going next
undeveloped darkside shadowpissed off person, cannot be criticized
inferiority complexwhat its like to grow up
powerhow we compensate with inferiority
social motiveshow they use their power
mother and father complexesunhealthy ways to be associated with your parents
when do oedipus and electra complexes come out?Freud's phallic stage (3 years of age)
oedipus complexwant to marry mom and kill dad
electra complexwant to marry dad and kill mom
Eternal child complexfun to be around but not the settle-down type
big five personality traitsneuroticism, extroversion, openess, agreeableness, and conscientiousness
character strengths and virtuesdoesnt focus on whats wrong with people but what is good about them
Anxietystress with nowhere to go
psychological disorders are common at choice points in life
approach choicetwo things you want but you're only going to get one, weigh pros and cons
what is the best choice type?approach
avoidance choicebad thing coming with two bad alternatives; want to escape it
Example of what choice type: you're in a course and you have a test coming up, you don't want to study but you don't want to failavoidance
approach+avoidance typetheres something you want but you're afraid that if you go for it, you'll fail and get hurt
Example of what choice type: calling someone up and asking them out for a date. What if they say no? approach+avoidance
approach+avoidance exmaplethe farther away you are from the goal, the quicker you got to the goal, but the closer you are to the goal you are slower to do it.
biology of anxietytoo much dopamine
having too much dopamine can lead to what disorderszchiophrenia

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what does stress do?it ages people internally and externally
Psychosomatic Disordersdisease where the mind is posioning the body
Type A personstress freaks, unclear goals, will worry about nothing
Type B personlaid-back; can handle stressful situation and move along
Type AB personsomeone that looks like a type B on the outside but is an A on the inside. They are not expressing themselves
distressbad stressors
eustresspurposeful stress
ego defensesto deal with stress
learned ego defenselearned to do this to stop thinking about upsetting thing
automatic ego defenseEgo defense becomes automatic after awhile
avoid pain ego defensepurpose to make pain go away
self deception ego defensethis is a way to not think about it; lying to yourself
prevent problem solving ego defenseissue isn't getting resolved because you're not thinking about them
denialrefusing to accept what is real
example of denialyou see a car accident and you turn the other way because you do not want to accept this reality
projectionseeing negative traits in others that are in yourself
regressiongoing back to what made you comfortable before
emotional insulation exampleduring funeral you are supposed to greive but you feel nothing at all. Your emotions have shut off
Emotional insulationYour emotions have shut off
intellectual rationilizationto use intellect instead of emotion
intellectual rationilization exampleat a funeral you hear things like "he had a good life" (makes it ok that he is dead)
This is an exmaple of what: you get fired and blame it on the economyintellectualization rationilization
cynicism exmaplecynical about the homeless, youth crime, other social issues so you do not have to deal with them
repressionforgot about doing it as quickly as possible
reaction formationexpress the reverse of what you actually feel
reaction formation exmapleA girl is screaming i hate you at her boyfriend but in actuality she loves him and is just hurt
identificationto take on charactersitics of others to hide weaknesses in yourself
displacementtaking it out on someone that you shouldn't be taking it out on
example of displacementwife is yelled at by boss and wife yells at husband
sublimationtake negative characterisitcs and find ways to do them that are accepted by society

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What has changed about abnormal behaviors over the years?humans have always had the same behaviors in history, but the reaction to these behaviors changes (whether accepted or unaccepted)
who did trepanations?Neolithic people
what is a trepanation?the treatment of mental illness in which they remove par ot the skull then put it back in and let it heal. This realeases the evil spirit from the brain
what are Hippocrate's four different forms of mental illness?mania, melanchollia, phrentis, and hysteria
maniagoing non-stop
phrentis"brain-fever" szchiophrenic
hysteriaa part of the body that stops functioning even though theres nothing wrong with it.
treatment for hysteria in 400 BConly in women, would tell women to have sex and get pregnant because women wanted babies so it would wander and part of the body would stop working
Plato's legal and social control in 300 BCmentally ill not responsible for their actions but family is responsible for them
pope innocentwitch trials
witch trials lead tonature=evil
who is under the control of the mentally ill in 200 AD (witch trials)the church
general paresishealthy people become insane in their 40's
neurosislittle problems
psychosisbig problems
hysteriaa mental disorder can effect the body
antipsychotic drugscan treat some of the disorders and allow them to live a passable life
NAMIgroup for mentally ill family support
2009 housing 1st (halfway houses)
Abnormal isstatistical and cultural; there is a normal way to do things
personal distressif you feel distress seek help
insane legal term in Brittish legal system that states a person is not able to know right from wrong
DSM5diagnostic statistical manual; no theories just facts
intern syndromestudents who percieve that they have a disease that they are studying
agoraphobiafear of being in public or going outside
generalized anxiety disorderpanic attacks
somatic symptomsin the mind
psychosomatic symptomsinteracts with body and mind
conversionwhere anxiety is converted into a physical symptom
hypochondriathink they are going to get a serious disease
dissociative disorderpersonality is in trouble
depersonalizationfeeling that you are not in you body/ control of your body. Common in adolescense and szchiophrenics
amnesiasomething traumatic happens and you cannot remember the event
diisociative fuguekind of like multiple personality disorder except you only have one other personality
dissociative identity disordermultiple personality disorder
muliple personality disorder usually arises whenin childhood
examples of OCDhoarding, hair pulling, skin picking, cleaning, fear of germs

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body dismorphic disorderbelieving one's appearance is defective
example of body dysmorphic disordermy hair is so ugly so i always have to wear a hat to cover it up
examples of neruocognitive disordersParkinson's, Alzheimers, Dementia
paraphiliaabnormal sexual desires
fetishusing an object as a means of sexual arousal
Sadism Masochismaroused by pain
Exhibitionismexposing yourself in public
pedophiliaaroused by children
frontteurismget aroused by rubbing up against people
aversiondon't want to have sex
Sexual dysfunctionaversion, failure of arousal, failure to orgasm
gender dysmorphiathinking you should be the opposite sex
picaeating things that are not food
psychosishallucinations, believe things that aren't true, a break with reality
schzophrenia usually comes out whenchildhood
another term for schzophreniadementia pracox
rule of thirds with schzophrenia1/3 of people get this way because of stress, 1/3 can be treated with medication, 1/3 of poeple cannot be helped
reactive process (what is the reactive and what is the process)reactive: 1/3 that has the breakdown get szchophrenia process:2/3 get it and will have it for life
least severe schzophreniadisorganized
most severe schzophreniacatatonic
In what form of schzophrenia are people violentparanoid
disorganized schzophreniamay hear voices and see things that are not there
paranoid schzophrenicthink people are out to get them
catatonic schzophrenicmovement involved; bizarre manarisms, can stop all motion and freeze in place for days on end.
can have all forms of schzophrenia at same time (t/f)true
positive and negative symptoms of schophrenicsdon't go away with medication
negative symptoms of szchophrenicstraits they don't have and we do; not being able to perform a plan, no enjoyment in life, no emotions
positive symptoms of szchophrenicsthings they have and we do not (not necessarily a good thing)
levels of dopamine of szchophrenics ishigh
temporal lobe and szchophrenicscan see the voices and hallucinations on a screen as they hear them in their head
frontal lobe and szchophrenicslow levels of activity here= no emotion
dysthmyialong term depressed episode
major depressioncycles; you become ill and withdraw from the world
major depressive episode can lead topsychosis
bipolarhave mania coupled with periods of depression
hypomania and depressionhave periods of "high" then periods of depression
paranoidtense, guarded, suspicous, holds gruges
schizoidsocially isolated with restricted emotional expression
schizotypalpeculularities of thought, appearance, and behavior that are disconcerning to others
antisocialpsychopath and sociopaths; manipulative, dishonest, disloyal, lacking in guilt, breaks social rules, often toruble with the law, A lot of the time they are charming
borderlinecannot stand to be alone; intense, unstable moods and personal relationships, chronic anger, drug and alcohol use
histrionicseductive behavior, needs immediate gratification, shallow emotions, temper tantrums, drama queen
narcissisticself-absorbed, expects special treatment
avoidanteasily hurt and embarressed, few close friends, sticks to routines to avoid new and possible stressful expierences
dependentwants others to make decisions for them, needs constant advice and reassurance, fears being abandonded
obsessive compulsiveperfectonist; preoccupied with details; unable to express affection
passive agressiveangry but doesn't express their anger; resents demands and suggestions, procrastinates, sulks, "forgets" obligations or is diliberitley inefficent
psychologistsleast trained and least able to do what they're supposed to be doing
psychiatric social workertrained as a social worker
clinical psychologistwen to grad school and is good at testing people for disorders and can diagnose disorders
psychiatrista doctor who knows the difference between psychological and physcial disorders, can perscribe meds
psychoanalystanalyzes dreams and stuff
Attribution- fundemental attribution errorcan't be my fault so I blame it on someone else
cognitive dissonancedistort reality to make things ok, self-image and behavior mismatch
social influencegoing with the crowd
example of social influencenormal people running death camps

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