Psych Exam 2

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Question Answer
I’m not worth the time you spend with me. patient’s statements express feelings of worthlessness and most clearly relate to the nursing diagnosis of situational low self-esteem
Which nursing diagnoses most clearly relate to the vegetative signs?ANS: A, C, D, F Vegetative signs of depression are alterations in body processes necessary to support life and growth, such as eating, sleeping, elimination, and sexual activity.
Offer laxatives if needed.b. Monitor food and fluid intake.c.Provide a quiet sleep environment.The correct options promote a normal elimination pattern.
Teach the person to use positive self-talk techniques.a form of cognitive restructuring, replaces negative thoughts such as “I can’t leave my apartment” with positive thoughts such as “I can control my anxiety.”
Encourage the patient to participate in social activitiesBecause obsessive-compulsive patients become overly involved in the rituals, promotion of involvement with other people and activities is necessary to improve copinG
Provide calm, brief, directive communicationalm, brief, directive verbal interaction can help the patient gain control of overwhelming feelings and impulses related to anxiety
socially withdrawn and hoards.The behavior is usually associated with chronic low self-esteem.
“For the next 24 hours, I will not in any way attempt to harm or kill myself.”The correct answer leaves no loopholes.
“I should be dead.” The initial task. This scenario presents a potential crisis. facilitates a therapeutic alliance that will allow the nurse to obtain relevant assessment data
“Let’s consider which problems are very important and which are less important.Assist the patient to reduce the overwhelming effects of problems by prioritizing them.
Hold a staff meeting to express feelings and plan care for the other patientsInterventions should help the staff and patients come to terms with the loss and grow because of the incident.
A nursing diagnosis of social isolation R/T poor self-esteem AEB secluding self in room addresses a behavioral symptom of major depressive disorder.
Fluoxetine (Prozac) is FDA approved for the treatment of depression in children and adolescents.
uspirone (BuSpar) 2 to 3 weeks to be effective in controlling symptoms of depression.
The client’s cognitive ability to understand information about the medication There are many dietary and medication restrictions when taking Nardil.
“Because we are concerned about your safety, we will continue to observe you.A nurse should continually observe a client when risk for suicide is suspected.
Lack of attention to grooming and hygiene is the only behavioral symptom presented for Depressed Person.Lack of attention to grooming and hygiene
Sad mood on most days/Sad mood for the past 3 years after spouse’s deathThe essential feature of dysthymia is a chronically depressed mood which can have an early or late onset.
Significant change in expected patterns of behaviorthe significant change in expected patterns of behavior is a direct client response and represents the highest risk.
"I have a splitting headache." A "splitting headache" is often a symptom that accompanies a significant rise in blood pressure.
Experience the obsessive thoughts to build tolerance to the anxiety.If the goal is to extinguish obsessive-compulsive behaviors, the client must experience and tolerate the thoughts without taking an action to reduce the anxiety.
Have consistent unit routines.Quiet environments with consistent routines will help calm patients and add to safety.
Showing improvement. The patient improvement is based on increased socialization and increased appetite.
A patient with a depressive genetic predisposition.
During a manic episode, the client experiences increased agitation and extreme hyperactivity that can lead to a risk for injury. ThereforeAssist the client to move to a calmer location.
The most appropriate nursing reply to the client’s concerns is to empathize with the client and provide encouragement that panic attacks last only a short period.
SSRI doses, in excess of what is effective for treating depression may be required in the treatment of OCD.
major maladaptive client response to panic disorder is the perception of having no control over life situations leads nonparticipation in decision making and doubts regarding role performance
Participation in a plan of safety and constant family observation will decrease the risk for self-harm. All other answer choices are not directly focused on suicide prevention and safety.
This statement verbalizes the client’s implied feelings and allows him to validate and explore them.“It sounds like you are feeling pretty hopeless.”
Assess suicide risk. Assessment is the first step of the nursing process to gain needed information to determine further appropriate interventions.
Depressed men and women who consider themselves affiliated with a religion are less likely to attempt suicide than their nonreligious counterparts.
. This client’s problems with oxygenation will take priority over assessing for current suicidal ideations.