Psych - Ego Defenses

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Question Answer
Acting outExpressing unacceptable feelings and thoughts through actions - tantrums
DissociationTemporary, drastic change in personality, memory, consciousness to avoid emotional distress (dissociative identity disorder)
DenialAvoiding the awareness of some painful memory
DisplacementTransferring avoided ideas and feeling to some neutral person or object (vs. projection) - mother yells at child b/c husband yelled at her
FixationPartially remaining at a more childish level of development (vs. regression) - adult plays video games or watches Sesame street :)
IdentificationModeling behavior after another person who is more powerful (though not necessarily admired)
Isolation (of affect)Separating feelings from ideas and events
ProjectionAttributing unacceptable internal impulse to external source (vs. displacement) - man who wants another woman thinks wife is cheating on him
RationalizationProclaiming logical reasons for actions actually performed for other reasons, to avoid self-blame
Reaction formationReplacing a warded-off ida or feeling by an emphasis on its opposite (vs. sublimation)
RegressionTurning back the maturational clock and going back to earlier modes of dealing with world (vs. fixation) - bedwetting in previously toilet-trained child
RepressionInvoluntarily withholding an idea or feeling from conscious awareness (vs. suppression)
SplittingBelieving that people are either all good or all bad, intolerance of ambiguity, often seen in borderline personality disorder
Altruism(mature defense) Alleviating guilty feelings by unsolicited generosity toward others
Humor(mature defense) Appreciating the amusing nature of an anxiety-provoking or adverse situation
Sublimation(mature defense) Replacing an unacceptable wish with a course of action that is similar to the wish but does not conflict with one's beliefs (vs. reaction formation) - teens aggression toward father is redirected toward performance in sports
Suppression(mature defense) Intentional withholding of an idea or feeling from conscious awareness (vs. repression)