Psych CH2 Vocab

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Section 1

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distinctive & relatively stable pattern of behavior, thought, motives, and emotions that characterize an individualpersonality
characteristic of individualtrait
developed by S freud; emphasizes unconscious motives and conflictpsychoanalysis
behavior and personality in term of unconscious energy dynamicpsychodynamic theories
containing inherited psychic energy, particularily sexual and aggressive instinctID
reason, good sense, and rational self controlEgo
conscience, morality, and social standardsSuperego
prevent unconscious anxiety or threatening thoughts from entering consciousnessDefense mechansims
standardized questionnaires requiring written responses; people are asked to rate themselvesobjective assessment
general characteristics that are present to some degree in almost everyonecentral traits
characteristic that surcance only in certain situationssecondary traits
something vs somethingbig five personality factor
functional units of heredity; composed of DNAGenes

Section 2

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Phsyiological disposition to respond to environemnt in certain waytempermant
statistical estimate; attributable to genetic differences among individuals w/in a groupheritability
traits result from a persons learning history and expectations, perceptions, and other cognitionssocial-cognitive learning theory
program of shared rules that govern a behavior of members of community culture
culture self regardsindivudualist culture
cultures which self is regarded in harmony with one groupcollectivist culture
emphasizes personal growth, resilence, and achievement of human potentialhumanistic psychology
Carl rogers; love/ support given to another person w/ no conditions attatchedunconditional positive regard
inevitable dilemmas and challenges of human existenceexistentialism