Psych 51 - Midterm 3 - Clinical Psychology

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Section 1

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how to characterize abnormal behavior/mental disorders?is the behavior/thinking statistically atypical?; is behavior/thinking maladaptive? interfere with daily functioning? rational? distressing?
the stat curve thinglook @ extremes, "statistically" far from average
DSM-5diagnostic and statistical manual of the american psychiatric association
criticismout of control, a lot of aspects of normal behavior may be diagnosed as a disorder
drug industry?strong influence? money at stake if something is diagnostic/criteria + way its defined
characteristicsin the patients themselves, or the environments/contexts in which observers find them?

Section 2

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rosenhanput into hospital - can determine sane from insane?
schizophreniadisorder of thought and emotion, ***loose associations, thoughts drift
all admitted. stay ranged from 7 to 52. discharged with "schizophrenia in remission"
positive symptoms(displayed symptoms) delusions/hallucinations/thought disorder
negative(loss of normal behaviors) lack of speech/social withdrawal
detectionnot really. except by other patietns

Section 3

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between other areas of medcan have more objective tests, underlying causes well known
stickiness of psychodiagnostic labels-has a life of its own, impression formed -- expectation. label endures beyond discharge. (self-fulfilling prophecy)
reportsexaggerations? confirmation bias like
fundamental attribution error**this society. expect that we are free agents - uninfluenced by situations. if we see someone behave, we ASSUME it's a TRAIT/characteristic of them. **underemphasize the influence of environment and other people
ex: waiting for lunchand chatting**oral acquisitive??/
behavior interpretedvia diagnosis vs via situation
depersonalizationpowerlessness***lack of eye contact, absence/avoidance

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compared to toher environmentslots of avoiding, lack of response. at a university campus, much more likely to repsond. medical center. response as well
something about the context of pychiatric hospitalnot treated as individuals
once start depsonalizationcertain behaviors begin
2 matters1. need to focus on the specific problems? better environment!! 2. sensitivity of the workers!!!
lauren slaterwent to ERs, replicated --> given antipsychotics/depressants
what is needed in psychiatrylab tests that will verify psychiatric diagnoses