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Section 1

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Straightforward manipulationsmanipulate variables with instructions and stimulus presentations
staged manipulationstage events during the experiment in order to manipulate the independent variable successfully
confederateappears the be another participant in an experiment but is actually part of the manipulation
self-reportsused to measure attitudes, liking for someone, judgements about characteristics (guy with tattoo on face)
behavioral measuresdirect observations of behaviors
physiological measuresrecordings of responses of the body
Galvanic skin response, electromyogram, and electroencephalogram are examples of what?psysiological measures
MRIprovides an image of an individual's brain structure
functional MRIallows researchers to scan areas of the brain while a research participant performs a physical or cognitive task
ceiling effectthe IV appears to have no effect on the dependent measure such as participants reach the maximum performance level
floor effecttask is so difficult that hardly anyone can perform well

Section 2

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demand characteristicsany feature of an experiment that might inform participants of the purpose of the study
filler itemsan attempt to disguise the dependant variable
placebo groupthe group of the placebo effect
single blindthe participant is unaware of whether a placebo or the actual drug is being administered
double-blindneither the participant not the experimenter knows whether the placebo or actual treatment is being given
pilot studythe researcher does a trial run with a small number of participants
manipulation checkattempt to directly measure whether the independent variable manipulation has the intended effect on the participants

Section 3

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