Psyc 255 Quiz 5

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Section 1

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Reliabilityrefers to the consistency or stability of a measure of behavior
A formal way of understanding reliability is to use the concepts of what?True score and Measurement error
The most common correlation coefficient when discussing reliability is what?the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient
Test re-test reliability is assessed by what?measuring the same individuals at two points in time
Alternate forms reliabilitydifferent forms of the same test
Internal consistency reliabilityThe assessment of reliability using the responses at only one point in time
Split-half reliabilitythis is the correlation of the total score on one half of the test with the total score on the other half
Cronbach's alphacorrelation of each item on the measure with every other item on the measure
Interrater reliabilitythe extent to which raters agree in their observations

Section 2

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Face ValidityThe content of the measure appears to reflect the construct being measured
Content validitythe content of the measure is linked to the universe of content that defines the construct
Predictive validityscores on the measure predict behavior on a criterion measured at a future time
Concurrent validityscores on the measure are related to a criterion measured at the same time
Convergent validityscores on the measure are related to other measures of the same construct
Discriminant validityscores on the measure are not related to other measures that are theoretically different

Section 3

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Nominalcategories with no numeric scales
ordinalrank ordering; numeric values limited
IntervalNumeric properties are literal; assume equal interval between values
Ratiozero indicates absence of variable measured