Psyc 210 Quiz 3

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Section 1

Question Answer
G. Stanley Hallturbulent time charged with conflict and mood swings
Daniel Offerinterviewed adolescents around the world. 71% good self-image
Hormoneschemicals secreted by the endocrine glands and carried throughout the body by the bloodstream
Endocrine system’s role in puberty involves interaction ofHypothalamus, Pituitary gland, Gonads
Timing and variations in pubertyBoys- 10-13, Girls- 9-15
Corpus callosumfibers connecting left and right brain hemispheres
Amygdalaseat of emotions
Prefrontal cortexinvolved in reasoning, decision-making and self-control
only 31% of U.S. adolescents sleep 8 or more hours a night
Anorexia nervosaWeight less than 85% of normal for age and height

Section 2

Question Answer
Adolescent CognitionPiaget’s formal operational stage (11+)
Piaget’s formal operational stage (11+)More abstract thought, Increased verbal problem-solving ability, Thoughts of idealism and possibilities
Imaginary audienceadolescents’ belief that others are as interested in them as they themselves are
Attentiongetting behaviors
Personal fableinvolves a sense of uniqueness and invincible