PSY370 Exam 3

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Values, Attitudes, and Responsibility

Question Answer
What do Asceticism & Hedonism have to do with?one’s approach to physical & material aspects of life in general & to sexuality in particular
What is Asceticism? how does it view sexthere is more to life than its material aspects, which must be transcended to achieve true humanity. views sex as netrual at best, evil at worst. no physical gratification. SELF DISCIPLINE. nuns and monks
What is Hedonismbelief that the ultimate goal of human life is the pursuit of pleasure, the avoidance of pain, and the fulfillment of physical needs & desires. OPPOSITE of asceticism
What is Legalismconcerned with following moral law, or set of principles, which comes from source outside the individual, such as religion. focused on right and wrong things
What is Situationism(aka contextual ethics) suggests that although there may be broad general guidelines for ethical behavior, each ethical decision should be made according to the individuals and situations involved. tends to focus more on relatoinships rather than rules. case by case (legalism is laws)
What is Procreational sexpurpose of sex is to reproduce
Procreational conservative vs pro choiceno pre marital sex, no same sex sex, no porn, ALMOST no abortion VS pre marital sex okay if same gender
What is relational sexpurpose of sex is intimacy and expression of love
Relational religious vs conventional vs contemporary religiouspremarital okay if you love them; no for teens; some abortion VS no religion; sex okay for whoever (recently gays) VS accepting of other religions, abortion okay
What is recreational sexpurpose of sex is to have fun
recreational sex pro life vs libertariando whatever u want sexually but no abortion on demand VS do anything u want if ur happy
Kant's categorical imperative if your reason for a proposed action were a universal law that everyone always followed, would society continue to function and benefit?
Kant's practical imperativepeople (you & others) should be treated as important, worthwhile individuals and not only as a means to an end
What is enlightened hedonism?Act to avoid pain and gain pleasure for yourself, taking into consideration all consequences (both immediate and long-term); takes into account other person’s feelings (i.e. think about pregnancy and STDs
What is humanismdo no harm, be happy, be respectful, u have full responsibility
Belliotti sexual tiers of moralitylibertine agreement, general moral considerations, sexual exploitations, 3rd party effect, wilder social context. must meet all 5, if not dont do it
belliotti libertine agreementeveryone must agree with everything
belliotti general moral considerationswhat society agrees is important; safe sex, honest, no kids or animals or incest
belliotti sexual exploitationdoing things person does not want to.
belliotti third party effectssomeone hurt bc of your actions
belliotti wilder social contexteverything you do is an example to people
barriers to responsible decision makingillusion of unique invulnerability; alcohol; magical thinking
aids in decision makingknow and accept yourself, think of all possible outcomes, anticipate and think of best action, accept things have good and bad consequences
Fornicationsex before marriage
what percent of americans think abortion should be LEGAL46%, minority
What religion is accepting of gaysquakers and unitarians; if it is conscientious; most buddhists and 1 sect of christianity
what form of protestants accept gaysepiscopalians and lutherans
HIV positive people concernsconfidentiality; can kids attend public schools? high cost of hiv insurance- can deny high risk ppl; public education is only good response.

Sexual Orientation

Question Answer
men who have sex with menonly person taking it in butt is gay
emotional orientationwho you wanna have intimate relationship with. friendships. most ppl "bisexual". 90% hetero interms of sexual orientation
% of ppl who have same gender sexual orienationdepends on how q asked. 2%. homosexuality varies across cultures
homos in 1886Krafft-Ebing created a pornography book, was illegal b/c he considered it “academic;” described every kind of sexual behavior that could be considered deviant and defined them as mental illnesses; homosexuality fell under this category
homos in 1969Stonewall riots- first open group rebellion of homosexuals; during this time period gay men were beaten & mostly all arrested; start of Gay Rights Movement
homos in 1973American Psychiatric Association Convention was held, debate over whether homosexuality was or wasn’t a sexual disorder; decided that homosexuality was no longer considered a mental disorder
homos in 2002US Supreme Court declared that laws banning same-sex behavior were unconstitutional
homos in 2003Massachusetts became first state to allow same-sex marriage
homos in 2013Declared that same-sex marriages receive the same federal benefits as mixed-gender marriages
sexual fluidityidea that sexual orientations can change over time. more seen in women
homophobiafear of gays; negative attitude and rxn toward them
antigay prejudicedont fear gays; just dont like it. homophobia is emotion; antigay prejudice is an attidutde
heterosexismbelieve everyone is straight. discriminate against gays
difference in male and female gay barsmales for sex, females for talking/socializing
gay baths + HIV; past and nowgay club with pool in it. closed down at first. now they back- controversial in gay community bc some see as aspect of gay culture and some see it as spreading aaids
symbols in LGB communitypink triangle, lambda
struggle for long term gay couple and not for hetero couplesociety and family acceptance
effect of homo parents on kids?no effect. usually are hetero
learning theoryrewards/punishments shape indiviiduals behavior for straight/gay
exotic becomes erotic theroybiological factors > temperament > gender (a)typical play with friends > feelings of dissimilarty to same gender (exotic) > autonomic arousal > puberty; arousal transfered to erotic feelings for same gender
sociological theorylabeling becomes self fulfilling prophecy. boy called gay then he convinces himself hes gay
psychoanalytic thoeryfreud; sexu preferences shaped by early childhood
conversion/reparative therapyget gays to be straight. did not work. made them feel guilty.
bisexual people problemsonly bisexuals like bisexuals; monogamy- they might be nonmonogamous?
monosexismbelief that youre only supposed to like one gender
4 steps of developing bisexual identityidentity confusion, finding and applying a label, settling into identity, identity maintenance

Intersexuals and the Transgendered

Question Answer
homologous sex organsinner labia/shaft, outer labia/scrotum; skenes gland/ prostate; bartholins gland/ cowpers gland
intersexualperson has both male and female reproductive structures; not clear at birth if male or female
DSDdisorders of sexual development; new word for intersexual b/c sometimes genetals arent developed till age 3
what is a sexual outlawhaving a label of male or female
transgenderone's sexual identity transcends normal categorization. can include transsexual and transvesitite. do not get surgury but do hormone shit
transsexualmix between persons biological gender and what they feel they are. aka gender ddysphoria, gender id disorder
transvestitedress as other gender
gender dysphoriaunhappy with one's gender; counts as disorder bc stress
how do u know if a kid is transsexualcrazy cross dressing
Harry Benjamin Association transsexual surgery stepsevaluation/conousiling; real life experience; hormones; surgery; folow up
MTF or FTM surgery harder?FTM
bucchal smear?test of genetic gender
5a reductase deficiencyXY, but balls stay inside. function normally. in salinas and dominican republic
Androgen insensitiveity syndrome (AIS)balls dont work. XY but appear female. have shallow vag and no uterus
Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH)increased androgen levels. if xy- no impact; if xx- masculinized genitals (big clit, fused labia)

Sexual Disorders and Therapy


Question Answer
most common cause of sexual distress in womenemotional well being in a relationship w partner and in general
lifelong sexual disorderalways had problem. never had orgasm before etc
acquired sexual disorderused to be normal, now fkd
generalized sexual disorderhave problem with anyone in any situation
situational sexual disorderhave problem in some situations, normal in others
hypoactive sexual desirelow or none sex desire, no response to someone initiating sex; ONLY FOR MEN
sexual aversionphobia/disgust about sex (general or specific)
Hypersexualhigh level of sex desire- impaires job, school
female subjective arousal disorderbody is aroused but mind isnt
female genital arousal disordermind is aroused but body is not
female combined arousal disordercant get aroused in mind or body. want to but cant
female interest arousal disorderonly "OFFICIAL" female arousal disorder. NO INTEREST or arousal!
erectile diagnosiscant get or keep boner; OFFICIAL diagnosis
inhibited ejaculationnever cums
retarded ejaculationtakes half hour to an hour to cum. only counts as disorder if man is pissed about it
retrograde ejaculationorgasm but no ejaculation. DAMAGE TO SPHINCTER MUSCLES: semen goes to bladder.
female orgasmic disorderOFFICIAL. has sex desire and arousal but rare or no orgasm.
premature ejaculationman cums under a min. mild is 30-min, moderate is 15-30, severe is less than 15 or before entering woman
dyspareuniapain during or after coitus
vaginismusouter vag muscles clamp shut. cant relax or insert anything
genito-pelvic pain/penetration disorderfemales. OFFICIAL. pain during or after sex
anal spasmbutt hole does vaginismus
what diagnosis from DSM given to hypersexual personsexual dysfunction or OCD
what anti deperssent does not interefere with sex funcitoning and may improve desirewellbutrin
% of men that have cum to early in past year30%
how do men with orgasmic disorders copefake orgasms, no effective treatment
who/when gave initial big boost to sex therapyMasters and Johnson 1970
what percent of men respond well to Viagra57%
what meds cause sex disorders but can alleviate anotherpsychiatric drugs (anti depressants)
what are dialators used forvaginismys. set of 10 - 12. from finger size to weiner size
how did masters and johnson approach psychotherapybehavioral approach
how did zilbergeld and evans criticize masters and johnson's studiesthey never reported success rate for therapy, only failure rate of 20%. never defined "successful therapy". didnt say how they got ppl. could have gotten rid of hard cases.
how did thomas szaz criticize sex disorders and therapytherapy creates the illness. ppl with problems are called sick or mentally ill. critical of dealing with psychological problems
best sex disorder to treat without meds or surgeryvaginismus
hardest sex disorder to treat without meds or surgeryhypoactive sexual desire