PSY Midterm 2

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Section 1

Question Answer
Babies can be affected by drugs as early as2 weeks
monkeys and humans innately focus on the face
the mind isa function of the brain working
action potential starts at the axon
action potential _____ at point along the axonregenerates
the effect of nerve gas blocks enzymes that break down acetocholine

Section 2

Question Answer
Broca's areaproduces speech, occurs in left hemisphere
Wernicke's arealanguage interpretation
corpus callosumconnects both halves of the brain
the most lateralized function islanguage
what is seen in the right field of vision goes to the ____ hemisphereleft
emotion is controlled by limbic system

Section 3

Question Answer
autonomic n.s. has 2 parts the ___ and the ____sympathetic/ parasympathetic
sympathetic n.s. stimulates organs, prepares body for stressful situaton
the sympathetic n.s. ___ systems that are neededactivates
sympathetic prepares body by ___ ___ heart rate and breathing rateslowing down
biofeedbackex: patients heartrate increased as balloon rose
parasympathetic n.s.brings body back to normal
parasympathetic n.s. works ____all at once
sympathetic in stages, first this, then that

Section 4

Question Answer
sympathetic n.s. stimulates adrenal medulla
adrenal gland has ___ glandstwo
autonomic n.s. ___ functions of organs in a normal environmentadjusts/modifies
if autonomic n.s. is removed animalscannot adjust to changes in environment
endocrine system controlshormones
pituitary glandmaster gland, controls all other glands
hypothalymus ___ pituitarycontrols
pituitary gland made up of posterior and anterior

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