PSY 210 Midterm

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Section 1

Question Answer
forebrainhas important components
thalamussensory relay
pituitaryhoromone control
the cortexhigher mental function takes place
olfactory bulb smell
what sense does NOT go thru the thalymus?smell
what changes over evolution?cerebrum (front) gets larger
what makes up the central nervous system?brain and spinal cord

Section 2

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dorsalrefers to the back
ventralrefers to belly
hind brain part of brain stem
medullacontrols basic funct. i.e. heart rate, breathing
pons connects 2 halves of cerebellum
midbrainmore like a pathway, basic audio/visual
babiesrefered to as just "brain stem"
lateralrefers to the side

Section 3

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forebrainthalamus, hypothalamus
Hypothalamus 4 F'sfeed, fight, flight, fuck
limbic systemcontrols emotion
Amygdalacontrols aggression
phrenology3 princip. structure of brain influences mind, different parts of brain do diff things, separate bumps into traits
cerebral cortex (4 lobes)frontal lobe, temporal lobe, occipital lobe, pariental lobe

Section 4

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neuronsingle nervous cell
dendritesreceive input
axoncarries the message
myelin sheathsurrounds neuron
synapse connection between neurons, gap
amoebano nervous system, single cell
hydra simplest nervous system
transmission of message is called what?firing

Section 5


Question Answer
monismbelief that one kind of substance exists in the universe
dualismmind and body are separate, Descarte thought they communicated thru pineal gland
Rene Descarteproposed dualism
Phrenologybelief that certain areas of brain "grew" and that it showed active areas
History of the mindformerly thought that the mind came from the heart
Evolutionaka error and trial
instinctcomplex behavior that ur born with