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Question Answer
1 ASHA per habitationtribal hilly
NHRM appointed new workerASHA
JSY is under?NRHM
Cash of 700-rural,600-urban JSY Criteriawomen >19 BPL-1st 2
UNESCO head officeParis
WHO head officeGeneva
UNICEF head officeNew York
FAO head officeRome
31st dec 2005elim of leprosy
Funding of ICDSWorld bank
BhorePHCs 3month PSM
MudaliarStrengthen PHC, 1PHC-40k pop
Jungalwalaintegrated health services
MukerjiFamily planning
Kartar singhMPW in place of ANM
Shrivastavmedical education, referral services
Prophylaxis of Vit A <6 m50,000
Rx of xerophthalmia <1yr or 8kg1lac
1st PPI9th dec 1995
Doctors1 per 3500
Nurses1 per 5000
Female health worker1 per 3500(3000 in hilly)
Trained dai1 per village
Pharmacist1 per 10,000
Lab tech1 per 10,000
ASHA1 per 1000
SIDATB + Leprosy
DANIDABlindness control + Leprosy
CAREmid day meal
Ford foundationrural health n family planning
MOHFWVit A, Nutr anemia, IDD ctrl
Social welfareBalwadi nutrition prog
Woman n childICDS
Education ministryMidday meal
Disease controlMalaria
Disease eradicationsmall pox
Disease eliminationleprosy, Yaws
Health educationmost cost effective intervention
Govt health programmessecondary prevention
Disability prevention by RxSecondary


Question Answer
Ecological studyPopulation is unit of study
All the CsIndivual is unit of study
RCTpatient is unit of study
Field trialHealthy ppl is unit of study
Community trialsCommunity is unit of study


Question Answer
Disease freqmeasured by Inc Prev
Disease durationmeasured by disability rates
Disease severitymeasured by CFR


Question Answer
MC 1st approach to test hypothesisCase control
Nested Case controlprospective approach
Lower biasCohort
Cross section study can measureprevalence
RRmeasures causal association
Hawthorne effectattention bias
Bimodalhodgkins, nasopharyngeal
Mantel Haenszel procedurecontrols observation in diff groups
Correlationdegree of association
Associationsimultaneous existence of 2 variables
Regressionprovides structure to association
Cronbach’s alphacoeff of reliability or consistency


Question Answer
Objectiveultimate goal
Targetdesired end result in finite time
Goalintended outcome of a programme
Missionpurpose for which an organisation exists


Question Answer
Knowledgecognitive component of learning
AttitudeAFFECTIVE component of learning-once formed difficult to change
Skillspsychomotor learning
OSHA guidelinesinfection control on hospitalized individuals
Soil is reservoirMycetoma, Anthrax
Soil is reservoirCoccidio
Man is dead endRabies,Plague
Man is dead endTrichinosis
No carriers, subclinical inMeasles
Herd immunity not imp inTetanus
No isolationPolio, typhoid, Hep A
Maternal antibody not protective forPertusis


Question Answer
Case notification under IHRCholera, Plague, Yellow fever
Transovarianarthropods(tick n mite), dengue
Ring immunization100 yard radius of detected case
If immunosupp + complement defQuadrivalent meningo
Meningo vaccinepolsacc antigen of CELL WALL
Pneumococcal vaccinepolysacc capsule
Hep Bpolypeptides
Easy 5DPT Hep B Hib
Adsorbant in DPT vaccinealuminium phosphate
Rotavirus vaccine S/EIntussusception
Swine flue vaccineGBS
Measles vaccineTSS
DOC Diph chemoprophylErythro
DOC Plague,cholera prophTetra
DOC influenza chemoprophAmantidine
DOC tetanus chemoprophPenicillin
To eradicate measlesimmunize 95%
Forcheimer spotsRubella
No subclinical/carrierpertusis
Immunization does not prevent carrier stateDiphtheria
Mildest diphNasal
Most infectious diphNasal
MC diphfaucial/tonsil
Most severe diphLaryngo-tracheal form
Rabiesneutralizing antibodies after 8 days
Fixed rabiesno negri bodies


Rabies vaccines
Question Answer
Semplebrain of sheep-useless
DEVrisk of allergy
HDCV2nd generation
Pre exposure0-7028 HDCV-1ml IM
Post exposure0-3-7-14-28-90


Question Answer
Main reservoirTartara indica
Main vectorX cheopis(flea)
DOC plagueStrepto
MC type of plagueBubonic(2-7)
Man to man spread plague :Pneumonic plague(1-3)
Question Answer
Septicaemic plague2-7 d


Question Answer
Index of general sanitation of countryTyphoid
Barometer of social welfareTB
Father of public healthCholera
DOC-cholera in pregFurazolidone
DOC cholera in kidsTMP-smx
DOC cholera in adultsDoxy
Most dangerous carrier in typhoidUrine
Amplifier of JEPigs
Common in stepwell workersGuinea worm
Breeding for JErice field
DengueIgM Elisa
Risus sardonicusspasm of zygomaticus
Indicates degree of anthrophillismHuman blood index
Incidence of malaria in a communityAPI
Most sensitive index of transmissioninfant parasite rate(IPR)
Most imp index in endemic areaIPR
Durck granulomacerebral malaria
Infectious stage of malariasporozoite
Relapse never seentransfusion malaria
Duffy –veprotected against vivax
Primary resistance to TBdue to episomes
Histamine testearly detection of nerve damage in leprosy
MC HIV in indiaHIV 1 c
1st case of HIV in IndiaChennai
Broca’s indexHeight(cm)-100
Haddox matrixAccidents
Non paralytic polioDIMINISHED DTR
Assessment of MCH careMMR
Universally accepted indicator of healthIMR
Time taken for a project is estimated byNetwork analysis
Mckeon studysocial environmental factors affect TB
Wealth indexNFHS 3
Longest path in network analysisPERT


Question Answer
5th juneworld environment day
11th julyworld population day
2nd Wednesday of octworld disaster reduction day
1st week of maymalaria week
2nd week of mayThal week
SRS6 monthly
Mid day meal1/3 calories, ½ proteins
Founder of red crosshenry dunant
National institute of epidemiologyChennai
National institute of occupational healthAurangabad
National institute of physically handicappedNew delhi
National institute of mentally handicappedSecundarabad
National institute of hearing handicappedMumbai
National institute of visually handicappedDehradoon
National TB instituteBangalore
Extended sickness benefit309 days
New approach-primary health care in indiaAlma Ata(Russia)
Health immunizationprimary respo of STATE
Coconut oitdeficient in EFA


Low aa
Question Answer
MaizeLysine + Tryptophan
WheatLysine + threonine
PulsesMethionine + Tryptophan


Question Answer
RiceMaximum lysine among cereals
Coconut oilrich in SFA
Sunflower oilrich in PUFA


Question Answer
Test to diff pasteurizad from sterilizedTurbidity test
Test before pasteurizationMethylene blue
Test to check efficacy of pasteurizationPhosphatase test
Test for post past contaminationColiform count
Rich in ironJaggery
Rich source of Ca,iodineRagi
Rich source of seleniumGarlic
Phytate,oxalatelimit Ca abs
Richest source of Vit A Dfish liver oil
Milk provides all vits exceptVit C
Fried riceB cereus
Milk n dairyStaph
Meat, poultryCl perfringens
Preserved/canned foodsCl botulinm
Home made cheeseCl botul
Animal, egg/poultryTyphoid
Max diarrhoeaCl perfringens
Max crampsB cereus
Max feverTyphoid
Maidon teethFlourosis


Question Answer
West UPMax AFP
Rajasthanmax dracun
Biharmax Leprosy, Kala Azar
PunjabHb D
Manipurendemic goitre


Question Answer
Natural disaster co ordMinistry of Agriculture
Northlandslides earthquakes
Eastfloods, cyclones
Post disaster MCgastroenteritis
HIV dressing disposal1% hypochlorite—red bag
Tubing of HIV pt getting AMB1% hypochlorite—blue bag


Question Answer
Bacterial indexto classify leprosy
Beuteu indexused for Aedes Aegypti
RCH 1FRU at sub district level
NRRdemographic indicator
TFRmagnitude of completed family size
ASMFRmost refined
ASFRsensitive indicator of achievements
Qualitativenominal or ordinal
Quantitative(METRIC)Interval or Ratio
Statistically most pref scaleinterval
Statistically least pref scalenominal
NominalHindu/muslim/Christian etc
Dichotomous(kind of nom)2 groups-male/female
Ordinalplace in meaningful order-rank 1 2 3
Intervalno abs zero-weight etc
Ratiohas absolute zero-kelvin
Large group > 30Z test
Small group <30t test
ANOVAcomparison of means
Qualitative dataBSP


Question Answer
Chi squareNominal, qualitative, >30
Fisher’s exact testnominal,qualitative,<30
Student tinterval,quantitative
Paired tbefore n after, interval,quantitative
Unpaired t2 or more groups, interval, quantitative


Question Answer
Descriptive epidemiologyFormulation of etio hypothesis
Analytical epidemiologyTesting etio hypothesis
IncidenceRate, per 1000
Not affected by duration of diseaseincidence
No. of new casesincidence
No of new and old casesprevalence
Chronic dsP > I
Acute dsP=I
CFR% who will die in certain time
Diagnostic power of a testpredictive value
Type 1 errorNull hypothesis rejected although its true
Type 2 errorNull hypothesis accepted even though its false
Binomial distribution2 mutually exclusive outcomes
Poisson distributionprobability of occurrence of rare events in large pop
Odds ratioCase control
RR, ARRCohort
RetrospectiveCase control
RCTeffectiveness of expt treatment
Gold std for testing therapiesRCT
To resolve conflictsMetaanalysis
Phase 1safety, toxicity
Phase 2Treatment efficacy, adverse effects
Phase 3comparison
Phase 4post market analysis
Bland altman plotcompare 2 measuring techniques