PSCY Chpt 3

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Section 1

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Cognitionall mental activities associated w/thinking,knowing,remembering, & communicating
Piagetchildren are active thinkers.Minds develp through series of universal irreversible stages
Jean Piagetfather of modern developmental psyc
Schemaconcept or framework that organizes& interprets information
Assimilationinterpreting our new experiences in terms of existing schemas
Accommodation adapting our current understandings to incorporate new information
Piaget's Theory1. sensorimotor 2. preoperational 3. concrete operational 4. formal opertional
Zygoteconception to 2 weeks - rapid cell division
Embryo 2- 8 wksattachment to uterus,heart beat,cell differentiation begins,recog. body parts,major body systems forms
Fetus9 to 40 weeks- body systems mature
Teratogensharmful substances such as viruses,drugs,other chemicals
Greatest risk from teratogensduring firdt 12 weeks of pregnancy
Sensorimotor (birth- 2yrs)the idea that objects continue to exist even when they are not visible
Preoperational (2-7yrs )ability to read people's ideas about their own&other mental states
Concrete Operational (7-11 yrs)child can think logically about physical objects&events&understands conservation of physical properties
Formal Operational (11 yrs - adulthood)people can solve nonphysical problems;they can think logically about abstracts propositions&hypotheticals

Section 2

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Attachmentemotional bond that forms between NB & their caregivers
Stranger Anxietyfear of strangers that infants commonly display, 8mths
The Harlows' Mothersinfant monkeys preferred contact w/soft cloth rather feeding wire mother
Temperament person's characteristic emotional reactivity & intensity
Easy or Flexible (40%)children tend to be happy,regular in sleeping& eating,adaptable,calm
Active or Feisty (10%)fussy,irregular in feeding,sleeping habits,fearful of new ppl & situations,easily upset
Slow to warm or cautious (15%)less active or tend to be fussy,withdraw,react negatively to new situations,over time more pos
Strange Situationbehavioral test developed by Mary Ainsworth used to determine child's attachment style
Mary Ainsworth 1979attachment differences as measured by the strange situation
Insecure Avoidantchildren don't orientate to their attachment figure while investigating the environment
Insecure Ambivalent/Resistantadopt an ambivalent behavioral style towards the attachment figure
During the Concrete Operational stage law of conservation emerges (true)

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