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Fabric on fabricAPPLIQUE
water channel proteins of the cell membraneAQUAPORIN
Small saddleDEMIPIQUE
not able to be seen through; not transparentopaque
a covered litter for one passenger, consisting of a large box carried on two horizontal poles by four or six bearers.PALANQUIN
herbicide (chemical weed killer) used to control a very broad range of weedsPARAQUAT
flooring composed of wooden blocks arranged in a geometric pattern.PARQUET
a satire or lampoon, originally one displayed or delivered publicly in a public place.PASQUINADE
a thing regarded as a special right or privilege enjoyed as a result of one's positionPERQUISITE
relating to an episodic style of fiction dealing with the adventures of a rough and dishonest but appealing hero.PICARESQUE
having a pleasantly sharp taste or appetizing flavor.PIQUANT
a feeling of irritation or resentment resulting from a slight, especially to one's pride.PIQUE
permission granted to a ship to have dealings with a port, given after quarantine or on showing a clean bill of health.PRATIQUE
alcoholic beverage made from the fermented sap of the maguey plant. It is traditional to central MexicoPULQUE
talking knots, were recording devices historically used in a number of cultures and particularly in the region of Andean South AmericaQUIPO
two-headed Brazilian drumRepinique

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