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Question Answer
How are claims organized?Claims are being organized and placed in file boxes in numerical order. A printed audit sheet listing basic claim data as reflected in CSA will accompany all file boxes for the respective claim range included within the box. Make sure you add your name, on the top right corner of every page in the audit sheet listing the claims that you work on.
How is the sheet filled out?It is crucial that you update the correct columns on the audit sheet as you go along and make notes of every discrepancy you may find.
How do I file the claims physically?Claims must be returned to the box in numerical order – lowest to highest number from front to back of the box.
What do I do with non urgent escalations?All non-immediate escalations should be placed in front of the box, in numerical order in the folder provided along with audit sheet.
What should I do when a box is complete?Once you have completed a box, please place the completed audit sheet reflecting your findings inside the box.
Where does a finished box belong?Place the completed box at the designated table when you are done and inform a member of Senior DPC, Kira Richards or Darius Coke. Ask for another box if you have time.
What if I cant finish before EOD?If you are unable to complete a box by the end of your shift, please place the audit sheet inside the box and add a note on top of the lid to indicate that the audit is not yet complete. Place a sheet of colored paper in vertically behind the last claim audited. Place the box at designated table.