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Things to know for a Test on Provencher.


joint resolutionrequires the approval of both houses of Congress and the signature of the President, just as a bill does, and has the force of law if approved.
joint occupationUS and Great Britain decided to occupy Oregon together until divisions were established
Manifest Destinythe idea that America was providentially ordained to possess the North American continent
Treaty of GuadalupeSanta Anna resigned, the US gets Texas, the Rio Grande, New Mexico, and California, US gets Gadsen Purchase, training ground for larger conflicts
49 parallelbecame the international boundary of the Pacific



Question Answer
David Crocketa frontiersman who fought at the Alamo from Tenessee
Bowiecommander at the Alamo who decided to block Mexican advance
Polka dark horse who served became president in 1844
Whitmansmissionary to Walla Walla Washington to reach Cayuse Indians
Whitmansrecruited settlers for reaching Indians
TylerHis Accidency
TylerPresident after Harrison's death
Henry ClayReal head of the Whig party who tried to drive Tyler
George DonnerHis party was trapped form months in the Rockies by winter snows; his crew resorted to cannibalism to stay alive
TaylorCommanded troops on the Rio Grande
TaylorNicknamed "Old Rough and Ready"
TaylorCommander in the Battle of Buena Vista
Sam HoustonCommander of the Texan forces at the Alamo who decided to retreat
KearnyAppointed by Polk to capture New Mexico in the California Camaign
Scottleading Whig general
Santa AnnaMexican general who gave the US heck on many occasions
Daniel Websteronly Whig who didn't resign

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Question Answer
3 famous trailsOregon, Santa Fe, Mormon
Four goals of Polk's administration1) lower the tariff 2) restore independent treasury system of Van Buren 3) settle the Oregon Question 4) acquire California from Mexico
6 causes for Mexican American war1) Mexican resentment over annexation of Texas 2) longing of many expansionists in the US for California and New Mexico 3) history of hostility between the nations 4) failure of an attempt at a peaceful settlement 5) dispute over Texas-Mexican border
4 major campaigns of the warTaylor's campaign in northern Mexico 2) the New Mexico campaign 3) California campaign 4) Scott's campaign in central Mexico
4 famous military men who fought in the Mexican warGrant, Lee, Sherman, Jackson