Prosthetic Causes of Gait Deviations

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Question Answer
Lateral BendingProsthesis may be too short
Improperly shaped lateral wall
High medial wall
Prosthesis aligned in abduction
Abducted GaitProsthesis may be too long
High medial wall
Poorly shaped lateral wall
Prosthesis positioned in abduction
Inadequate suspension
Excessive knee friction
Circumducted GaitProsthesis may be too long
Too much friction in the knee
Socket is too small
Excessive plantar flexion of prosthetic foot
Excessive Knee Flexion During StanceSocket set forward in relation to foot
Foot set in excessive dorsiflexion
Stiff heel
Prosthesis too long
VaultingProthesis may be too long
Inadequate socket suspension
Excessive alignment stability
Foot in excessive plantar flexion
Rotation of Forefoot at Heel StrikeExcessive toe-out built in
Loose fitting socket
Inadequate suspension
Rigid SACH heel cushion
Forward Trunk FlexionSocket too big
Poor suspension
Knee instability
Medial or Lateral WhipExcessive rotation of the knee
Tight socket fit
Valgus in the prosthetic knee
Improper alignment of toe break

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