PROPS chapters 1-6

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Chapter 1 - Aircraft Propellers & Controls

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What is the purpose of the propeller?Convert engine horsepower to useful thrust.
Which area of the propeller blade is referred to as the back?The curved side of the airfoil section.
Define blade angle.The angle between the airfoil section chord line and the plane of rotation.
What is the term given to the gradual twist of a propeller blade from shank to tip?Pitch distribution.
What is a ground-adjustable propeller?A propeller whose blade angle can be adjusted only on the ground.
What is a major advantage associated with reversing propellers?Reduced landing roll and improved ground maneuverability.
How many spirit levels are centered when adjusting the propeller protractor?Two.
What is the smallest division that can be read with a propeller protractor?0.1 degree.
What should be the condition of the cockpit controls before working near a propeller?Mags off, throttle at idle, and mixture at idle cutoff.
Can the magneto fire if the magneto switch is turned off?Yes.

Chapter 2 - Aircraft Propellers & Controls

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Which FAR defines the different classes of maintenance for the propeller system?FAR 43.
What information is required to be on the hub or blade butt of a propeller?Builder's name, model designation, serial number, type certificate number, and production certificate number.
Why is the static RPM for a fixed-pitch propeller less than tachometer redline?A no-wind condition exists and the propeller rotation is not aided by the wind moving through the propeller.
Is the propeller control or throttle control in the cockpit used to place the propeller in reverse?Throttle
What is the color of the arc on the tachometer which indicates a critical vibration range?Red
What is the minimum ground clearance for the propeller on a tricycle-geared aircraft?Seven Inches
What are the requirements for a feathering system that uses engine oil to feather the propeller?A reserve oil supply must be available only to the feathering pump.
What license or certificate is required to perform or supervise the major repair of a propeller?Propeller repairman's certificate.
Is the repair of a governor a major or minor repair?Major Repair
What maintenance form will be supplied with an overhauled propeller?A maintenance release tag.

Chapter 3 - Aircraft Propellers & Controls

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Is the lowest propeller blade angle near the shank or the tip?Tip
What is pitch distribution?The gradual change in blade angle from the root to the tip.
With a fixed RPM, does propeller blade angle of attack increase or decrease as airspeed increases?Decrease
What is the most desirable blade angle ofattack?Two to four degrees.
What is the greatest force acting on a propeller?Centrifugal Twisting Moment
Why are some propeller blades tilted?To reduce operational stresses.
What force tends to decrease propeller blade angle?Centrifugal twisting moment.
Where is the most critical locationfor vibrational stresses on a propeller blade?Six inches in from the tip.
How is critical range indicated in the cockpit?A red arc on the tachometer.
What is effective pitch?The distance that the aircraft moves forward in one revolution of the propeller.

Chapter 4 - Aircraft Propellers & Controls

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What type of wood is most commonly used in constructing wood propeller blades?Yellow Birch
What is the purpose of the tip fabric on a wood propeller blade?Increase the structural strength of the tip.
What is the purpose of the holes in the tip of a wood propeller?Release Moisture
How can loose screws and rivets be detected on metal tipping?Cracks in the solder safety.
If the outer lamination of a wood fixed-pitch propeller is starting to separate, can it be repaired or must the propeller be scrapped?Can be repaired by an overhaul facility.
What is the proper way to store a wood propeller?In a horizontal position in a cool, dry, dark area.
List some advantages of aluminum propellers over wood propellers.More efficient, better engine cooling, and require less maintenance.
Why must surface defects be repaired promptly on a metal propeller?To prevent a surface defect from developing into a crack.
What solution should be used to clean a metal propeller?Mild soap & water
On which part of a propeller blade are all the stresses concentrated?The Hub - Andy / The shank - Book
What type of repair is the removal of a slight scratch on a steel blade?Major Repair
Break down the following designation: 1C I 72/DM7553.1C172 basic design; DM mounting and design changes; 75 inch diameter; 53 inch pitch.

Chapter 5 - Aircraft Propellers & Controls

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What are the two purposes for applying a lubricant to the crankshaft flange before installing the propeller?Prevent corrosion and allow easy propeller removal
Why is the ten o'clock/four o'clock position suggested when installing a propeller on a four-cylinder horizontally opposed engine?So that the propeller will stop in a convenient position for hand propping.
What is the purpose of a propeller hub?Adapt the propeller for mounting on a tapered or splined crankshaft.
When checking for proper seating with Prussian Blue, what is the minimum amount of contact?70%
What is the purpose of the snap ring in a tapered-shaft installation?Aid in removal of the propeller.
What is the maximum amount of penetration allowed when checking a splined shaft with a go no-go gauge?20%
What is the purpose of the cones in a splinedshaft installation?Center the propeller on the crankshaft.
What is rear cone bottoming and how is it corrected?When the rear cone apex prevents the propeller hub from seating on the rear cone. Remove up 1/16-inch from the apex of the rear cone.
What is front cone bottoming and how is it corrected?When the cone bottoms on the crankshaft splines before the propeller hub seats on the rear cone. Place a spacer of no more than 1/8 inch thickness behind the rear cone.
What is the maximum allowable out-of-track for a light aircraft metal propeller?1/16 Inch
How may the propeller track be corrected?Shims between the propeller and the hub or flange on wood propellers.
What device is used tosafety a splined-shaft installation?Clevis pin and cotter pin.
What is the most likely cause of vibration associated with a wood propeller that has been in storage for a period of time?Uneven moisture distribution in the propeller.

Chapter 6 - Aircraft Propellers & Controls

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How are the blades of a ground-adjustable propeller retained in the hub?With grooves in the hub mating with shoulders on the blades.
What devices are used to hold the hub halves together if steel blades are used?Bolts
Which devices must be loosened before the blade angles can be adjusted?The hub clamp rings or bolts and the propeller retaining nut
What types of pencil may be used to mark the hub and blades?White lead, red lead, or grease pencil.
If the blade angles are being adjusted with the propeller on the aircraft, why may the angles have to be adjusted two or more times?Because of blade droop.
What is an acceptable difference in blade angle between the blades?0.1 degrees.
Which areas of the hub should be inspected with dye penetrant?The blade retention area.
When should the propeller be overhauled?When the engine is overhauled.