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Generally, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, repairs of nicks, scratches, gouges, etc. on aluminum propeller blades must be madeparallel to the length of the blade
The primary reason for careful inspection and prompt repairing of minor surface defects such as scratches, nicks, gouges, etc. on aluminum alloy propellers is to preventfatigue failure
The primary purpose of the front and rear cones for propellers that are installed on splined shafts is toposition the propeller hub on the splined shaft
What operational force causes the greatest stress on a propeller?Centrifugal force
What is the primary purpose of the metal tipping which covers the blade tips and extends along the leading edge of each wood propeller blade?To prevent impact damage to the tip and leading edge of the blade
when preparing a propeller blade for inspection it should be cleaned withmild soap and water
On aircraft equipped with hydraulically operated constant-speed propellers, all ignition and magneto checking is done with the propeller in which position?High RPM
What operational force causes propeller blade tips to lag in the opposite direction of rotation?Torque-bending force
A fixed-pitch wooden propeller that has been properly installed and the attachment bolts properly torqued exceeds the out-of-track allowance by 1/16 inch. The excessive out-of-track condition may be corrected byplacing shims between the inner flange and the propeller
Removal of propeller blade tips within Type Certificate Data Sheet limits when correcting a defect isa major repair
Which of the following generally renders an aluminum alloy propeller unrepairable?Transverse cracks of any size
After proper removal of aluminum blade damage, the affected surface should be polished withvery fine sandpaper
One of the advantages of inspecting an aluminum propeller utilizing dye-penetrant inspection procedure is thatit shows whether visible lines and other marks are autually cracks rather than scratches
Which of the following best describes the blade movement of a feathering propeller that is in the HIGH RPM position when the feathering action is begun?Low pitch through high pitch to feather position
What is the basic purpose of the three small holes (No. 60 drill) in the tipping of wood propeller blades?To allow the moisture which may collect between the tipping and the wood to escape (vent the tipping)

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Propeller blade station numbers increase fromhub to tip
In what position is the constant-speed propeller control placed to check the magnetos?Full increase, low propeller blade pitch angle
What action takes place when the cockpit control lever for a hydromatic, constant-speed propeller is actuated?Compression of the speeder spring is changed
During which of the following conditions of flight will the blade pitch angle of a constant-speed propeller be the greatest?High-speed, high-altitude cruising flight
A propeller synchrophasing system allows a pilot to reduce noise and vibration byadjusting the phase angle between the propellers on an aircraft's engines
During the on-speed condition of a propeller, thecentrifugal force of the governor flyweights is equal to the speeder spring force
What controls the constant-speed range of a constant-speed propeller?The mechanical limits in the propeller pitch range
How is a propeller controlled in a large aircraft with a turboprop installation?By the engine power lever
If a flanged propeller shaft has dowel pinsthe propeller can be installed in only one position
Propellers exposed to salt spray should be flushed withfresh water
Which of the following defects is cause for rejection of wood propellers?An oversize hub or bolthole, or elongated boltholes
If a blade of a particular metal propeller is shortened because of damage to the tip, the remaining blade(s) must bereduced to conform with the shortened blade
The propeller governor controls theoil to and from the pitch changing mechanism
The angle-of-attack of a rotating propeller blade is measured between the blade chord or face and which of the following?Relative airstream
Propeller blade angle is the angle between thechord of the blade and the rotational plane fo the propeller

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What operational force tends to bend the propeller blades forward at the tip?Thrust-bending force
Propeller blade tracking is the process of determiningthe positions of the tips of the propeller blades relative to each other
On most reciprocating multiengine aircraft, automatic propeller synchronization is accomplished through the actuation of thepropeller governors
The centrifugal twisting force acting on a propeller blade isgreater than the aerodynamic twisting force and tends to move the blade to a lower angle
Which of the following forces or combination of forces operates to move the blades of a constant-speed counterweight-type propeller to the HIGH PITCH position?Centrifugal force acting on the counterweights
It is important that nicks in aluminum alloy propeller blades be repaired as soon as possible in order toeliminate stress concentration points
Which of the following methods is used to straighten a bent aluminum propeller blade that is within repairable limits?Cold straightening only
The primary purpose of a cuff on a propeller is toincrease the flow of cooling air to the engine nacelle
Which of the following is identified as the cambered or curved side of a propeller blade, corresponding to the upper surface of a wing airfoil section?Blade back
Where are the high and low pitch stops of a Hamilton Standard constant-speed or two-position counterweight propeller located?In the counterweight assembly
Ice formation on propellers, when an aircraft is in flight, willdecrease thrust and cause excessive vibration
Repairs of aluminum alloy adjustable pitch propellers are not permitted to be made on which of the following propeller blade areas?Shank
When running-up an engine and testing a newly installed hydromatic propeller, it is necessary to exercise the propeller by moving the governor control through its entire travel several times tofree the dome of any entrapped air
When engine power is increased, the constant-speed propeller tries to function so that it willmaintain the RPM, increase the blade angle, and maintain a low angle of attack
What is a function of the automatic propeller synchronizing system on multiengine aircraft?To control engine RPM and reduce vibration

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What type of imbalance will cause a two-blade propeller to have a persistent tendency to come to rest in a horizontal position (with the blades parallel to the ground) while being checked on a propeller balancing beam?Vertical
What will happen to the propeller blade angle and the engine RPM if the tension on the propeller governor control spring (speeder spring) is increased?Blade angle will decrease and RPM will increase
Propeller fluid anti-icing systems generally use which of the following?Isopropyl alcohol
The centrifugal twisting moment of an operating propeller tend to?reduce the pitch angle
Constant-speed non-feathering McCauley, Hartzell, and other propellers of similar design without counterweights increase pitch angle usingoil pressure
Minor surface damage located in a repairable area, but not on the leading or trailing edges of aluminum blades, may be repaired by firstfiling with a riffle file
What is indicated when the front cone bottoms while installing a propeller?Rear cone should be moved forward
A constant-speed propeller provides maximum efficiency byadjusting blade angle for most conditions encountered in flight
How does the aerodynamic twisting force affect operating propeller blades?It tends to turn the blades to a high blade angle
For takeoff, a constant-speed propeller is normally set in theLOW PITCH, high RPM position
What are the rotational speed and blade pitch angle requirements of a constant-speed propeller during takeoff?High-speed and low-pitch angle
The holding coil on a hydromatic propeller feathering button switch holds a solenoid relay closed that applies power to the propellerfeathering pump motor
The primary purpose of a propeller is tochange engine horsepower to thrust
Grease used in aircraft propellers reduces the frictional resistance of moving parts and is easily molded into any form under pressure. This statement definesantifriction and plasticity characteristics of grease
Which of the following occurs to cause front cone bottoming during propeller installation?The front cone contacts the ends of the shaft splines, preventing the front and rear cones from being tightened against the cone seats in the propeller hub
How can a steel propeller hub be tested for cracks?By magnetic particle inspection
Propeller blade stations are measured from thehub centerline
The blade angle of a fixed-pitch propelleris smallest at the tip
Which of the following functions requires the use of a propeller blade station?measuring blade angle
When the centrifugal force acting on the propeller governor flyweights overcomes the tension on the speeder spring, a propeller is in what speed condition?Overspeed
Longitudinal (fore and aft) clearance of constant-speed propeller blades or cuffs must be at least 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) between propeller parts and stationary parts of the aircraft. This clearance is with the propeller bladesfeathered or in the most critical pitch configuration
The purpose of permanently sealing and partially filling some models of McCauley propeller hubs with dyed oil is tomake the location of cracks readily apparent
What operational force tends to increase propeller blade angle?Aerodynamic twisting force
Cold straightening a bent aluminum propeller blade may be accomplished byan appropriately rated repair station or the manufacturer
If propeller cones or hub cone seats show evidence of galling and wear, the most likely cause isthe propeller retaining nut was not tight enough during previous operation
The propeller blade angle is defined as the acute angle between the airfoil section chord line (at the blade reference station) and which of the following?The plane of rotation
Which of the following is used to correct horizontal unbalance of a wood propeller?Solder
How is the speed of a constant-speed propeller changed in flight?By changing the load tension against the flyweights in the governor
Counterweights on constant-speed propellers are generally used to aid inincreasing blade angle
What unit in the propeller anti-icing system controls the output of the pump?Rheostat

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Geometric pitch of a propeller is defined as theeffective pitch plus slippage
Most engine-propeller combinations have one or more critical ranges within which continuous operation is not permitted. Critical ranges are established to avoidsevere propeller vibration
How is aircraft electrical power for propeller deicer systems transferred from the engine to the propeller hub assembly?By slip rings and brushes
What method would be used to inspect an aluminum propeller blade when a crack is suspected?Dye-penetrant
Which of the following best describes the blade movement of a propeller that is in the high RPM position when reversing action is begun?Low pitch directly to reverse pitch
Why is the pulley stop screw on a propeller governor adjustable?To limit the maximum engine speed during takeoff
(1) A mechanic certificate with a powerplant rating authorizes the holder to repair deep scars, nicks, and dents on aluminum propeller blades. (2) A mechanic certificate with a powerplant rating authorizes the holder to perform minor straightening of steel propeller blades.neither No. 1 nor No. 2 is true
The application of more protective coating on one blade than the other when refinishing a wood propellermay be necessary to achieve final balancing
Propeller aerodynamic (thrust) imbalance can be largely eliminated bycorrect blade contouring and angle setting
Which of the following statements concerning the installation of a new fixed-pitch wood propeller is true?Inspect the bolts for tightness after the first flight and again after the first 25 hours of flying
The pitch-changing mechanism of the hydromatic propeller is lubricated bythe pitch-changing oil
An aircraft's propeller system beta rangeis used to produce zero or negative thrust
What normally prevents a Hartzell Compact propeller from going to feather when the engine is shut down on the ground?A latch mechanism composed of springs and lock pins
Surface treatment to counter the effects of dye-penetrant inspection on a propeller is accomplished bywashing off with solvent
Which of the following determines oil and grease specifications for lubrication of propellers?Propeller manufacturers
Why is a constant-speed counterweight propeller normally placed in full HIGH PITCH position before the engine is stopped?To prevent hydraulic lock of the piston when the oil cools
Inspection of propeller blades by dye-penetrant inspection is accomplished to detectcracks or other defects
Which of the following best describes the blade movement of a full-feathering, constant-speed propeller that is in the LOW RPM position when the feathering action is begun?High pitch directly to feather position
The actual distance a propeller moves forward through the air during one revolution is known as theeffective pitch
(1) During takeoff, propeller thrust (pull) is greatest if the blade angle of attack is low and the engine power setting is high.(2) With the aircraft stationary, propeller thrust is greatest if the blade angle of attack is high and the engine power setting is high.Only No. 1 is true