Promoter architecture

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Question Answer
How many transcriptsin a mammalian cell? why an underestimate200,000 failure to detect low copy numbers
How can we map TSS's at a global scaleCAGE,SAGE< PET
What are the common elements of a promoterInr element PyPu which is suff to direct initiation commonly ass w/ TATA , BRE , DPE +30 @ TATAless (drosophila)
What have high throuput analyses of TSS forced us to do?Rethink architecture of a promoter
What has increasing numbe rof TSSs shownProportion of TATA steadily reducing- their prevalence only reflects use in pioneer studies
What is the size of initiation zonesb/w 50-100bp a distribution of TSS's - may represent a nucleosome free region??
What is left to do?integrate new findings with functional data from His met + Nucleosome positoning
How are TSS's recovered by CAGERT PCR, use RNAse1 to degrade incomplete, Recover Biotinylated capped ds by Strepdavin coloum, PCR w/ adaptors and cleave @ RE sites- linker intervenes
What is the pupose of RACEInvestigate a specific locus of interest (low throughput) det transcript levels etc.
Where do proposed classes of promoters lie Within exons and in the 3'UTR
What is an example of multiple TSSGelosin- cytoskeletal regullator and secreted PM scavenger versions