Prokaryotic Ecology Chapter 7 (MICRO)

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What are biofilms?Complex microbial aggregates consisting of microbes encased in an extracellular matrix containing various biopolymers, most commonly polysaccharides of the type used to make glyocalyces.
Where do biofilms typically form?on moist surfaces, such as water pipes and shower doors, but can also form at air-liquid interfaces such as the surface of ponds. They form most readily on surfaces where there is a constant flow of liquid containing nutrients, such as the surfaces of the mouth, in-dwelling medical devices such as artificial heart valves and catheters and pipes
When does biofilm formation on a solid surface begin?When nutrient substances dissolved in the flow liquid are deposited on the surface. Even the purest water has enough nutrients to allow microbial growth.
What is planktonic?free-floating microbes that gravitate to the nutrients and attach to them using pili or other appendages
What is a pure culture?those containing only a single type of microbe or a specific microbe and a particular process