Projectile Motion

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Question Answer
Projectile MotionAn object thrown w/ an initial horizontal velocity and acted upon by the Earth's pull of gravity
TrajectoryA projectile travels in a curved path called _________
Horizontal & Vertical motionThe curved path of a projectile is a combination of ___________ and __________ ________
Horizontal component of a projectile's motionequal distances in equal intervals of time
Vertical component of a projectile's motionIf projected upward, the vertical distances of travel become less with time on the way up
Curved path of a projectileA combination of horizontal & vertical motion
The horizontal component of velocity for a projectile is completely independent of the vertical component of velocity when air drag is small enough to ignoreREAD THIS
ParabolaThe trajectory of a projectile that accelerates only in the vertical direction while moving at a constant horizontal velocity is ________