Project Manager Example

Updated 2010-04-30 02:12


This is an example of a page a project manager might create for a meeting. It takes only a minute or two to create a page that will help meeting attendees prepare. They can review before a meeting and show up with a grasp of the main terms and goals. These pages can help eliminate confusion and add clarity to meetings. Also they serve as a knowledge base as the project progresses.

Meeting Summary

These tables are meant to give you the background information for the Billing Interface Upgrade kickoff meeting on Jan 4. If you'd like, spend a couple minutes before the meeting reviewing. Send me an email or just make adjustments if you find flaws.


These are the main people involved in the kickoff meeting.


Project NameBilling Interface Upgrade
Project managerNancy Stevens
ClientLee Long
ProgrammersJim Rogers, Sue Batra
GraphicsPeggy Sanderson
Executive SponsorLen Rainer

Important Facts

Question Answer
Main GoalImprove billing system interface
Main ChallengesCant't interrupt users, Security, Other currencies
Final deadlineMarch 7
Phase 1 deadlineJan 17
Programmers are gonelast 2 weeks of April

Important things to do in this meeting

CategoryThing to do
HardwareDedicate a resource to project
BrowserDetermine browser requirements
ProgrammersGive estimate for mockup
Schedule adjustmentFor programmers being gone
4 categories things to doHardware, Browser, Programmers, Schedule adjustment