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Coeliac Disease complications - lymphadenopathy, night sweats and feverenteropathy-associated T cell lymphoma. Raised TTG (tissue transglutaminase)
under what age do women still require contraception despite being post-menopausal?50
urinary incontinence, stress vs urgerpelvic floor muscle retraining vs bladder retraining
absence seizures treatmentsodium val and ethosuximide
ACE inhibitors, common side effectsangioedema (swelling of tongue and lips)
hypokalaemia on ECGU waves
GORD or barrets associated with which caanceradenocarcinoma
gentamycin monitoringototoxicity and nephrotoxicity
horner's triadptosis, miosis and anhidrios
coealiac histologyvillous atrophy, raised intra-epithelial lymphocytes, crypt hyperplasia

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COPD organism for pneumoniahaemophilus influenzae
HIV, dry cough and desaturations on exercise pneumonia organismPneumocystis jiroveci

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aortic regurgitation featuresdiatolic murmur, collapsing pulse, wide pulse pressure,
mobitz type 1 drops a beat after prolongation
mobitz type 2 PR interval consistent but P wave not always followed
GRACE scoreACS 6 month mortality, AGE, HR, other things
inverted T wavesMischaemia, digoxin toxcity, SAH, PE,
aortic stenosis featuresnarrow pulse pressure, slow rising pulse, thrill, LVH LVF