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Ventricular tachy managementadverse signs (BP <90, chest pain, heart failure) = cardioversion. Otherwise antiarrythmics = amiodarone then lidocaine then procainamide. Fails? EPS, implant ICD
HOCM signsdyspnoea, angina, syncope, sudden death, ejection systolic murmur, jerky pulse - LVH, Twave inversion and deep Q waves on ECG
CHADSVascS score componentsCongestive HF, HTN, A2 Age >75 or Age 65-74, Diabetes, Stroke or Tia (2), Vascular disease, Sex
HASBLED components for bleeding risk HTN, Abnormal renal or liver function, stroke, Bleeding previously, Labile INRs, Elderly (>65), Drugs and Alcohol
Atrial Flutter 300bpm, sawtooth, treatment similar to AF
PECXR, Wells score, (D-Dimer not indicated if wells >4), CTPA
Wells score DVT signs, Alt diagnosis less likely than PE, HR >100bpm, bed bound, previous DVT/PE, Haemoptysis, Malignancy

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Loop Diuretics (ascending)Furosemide and Bumetanide - heart failure and resistant hypertension
Adenosineenhanced by dipyramidole and blocked by theophyllines. avoid in asthmatics due to bronchospasm

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Primary hyperaldosteronismlow potassium, long standing condition - too much aldosterone from adrenal glands
acromegaly excessive sweating, big hands and feet, coarse facial features, pituitary tumour stuff
renal artery stenosisIHD, unaffect BP by medication, assymetrical kidneys