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How would you differentiate between a peptic ulcer and gallstones in terms of presentation?Gallstones is colicky pain (no pain in between attacks). Peptic ulcer is continuous pain.
What pain do you get with pancreatitis?Epigastric pain that radiates to the back
What test would you do for gallstones?ERCP
How would you diagnose H. Pylori?Breath test- isotope with urea or biopsy
What is the treatment of H. Pylori?Amoxicillin and metronidazole for 1 week
What is cimetidine?H2 receptor antagonist that reduces acid production
What volume does 1U of insulin equate to?0.01mL
What are the durations of action of insulin?Rapid, short (taken with meals), intermediate and long
Name 2 rapid acting insulinsHumalog (insulin lispro), apidra (insulin glulisine), novorapid (insulin aspart)
What are he features of rapid acting insulins?Work within 15 minutes, given just before a meal (or after if necessary), works for 3-4 hours, clear
Name 2 short acting insulinsHumalin S, Actrapid, Insuman rapid, porcine neutral
What are the features of short acting insulins?Take 20-30 mins to work, take 30 mins before a meal, work for 6-8 hours (IV only lasts for 5 mins- need to give continuous background insulin), clear
Name 2 intermediate acting insulinsHumulin, Insulatard, Insumen basal, Porcine Isophane
How long do intermediate acting insulins take to work?1 hour
Name 2 long acting insulinsLantus, Levemir, Tresiba, Abasagral
What are the features of long-acting insulin?Steady rate for 18-24 hours, if given at the same time every day will provide 18-24 hour background insulin, usually needs to be given with other insulin agents
What is a biphasic insulin?Humalog mix 25 (25% rapid to 75% intermediate). Always before meals (usually 2/day break and dinner)
What are the 3 insulin regimes?1. Once daily (symptom control- oral hypoglycaemics) 2. Twice daily (people with regular lifestyle) 3. 4 times daily (basal bolus- very good control), greater flexibility
What antibiotic contraindicates drinking alcohol?Metronidazole

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