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What is pre-eclampsia?A condition seen after 20 weeks gestation characterised by pregnancy-induced hypertension in association with proteinuria
What is the treatment for pre-eclampsia?1. Treat BP 2. Oral labetalol 3. Delivery of the baby (timing depends on the individual clinical scenario)
What are the features of pre-eclampsia?Hypertension, headache, visual disturbances, papilloedema, RUQ epigastric pain, hyperreflexia
What are the features of post-thrombotic syndrome?Painful, heavy calves, pruritus, swelling, varicose veins, venous ulceration
How long should compression stockings be offered to patients with DVT to reduce post-thrombotic syndrome?Should be worn for at least 2 years- stockings should be replaced 2/3 times per year, only need to be worn on affected leg
What causes Wolf-parkinson White syndrome?Caused by a congenital accessory conducting pathway between the atria and ventricles leading to a atrioventricular re-entry tachycardia (AVRT). As the accessory pathway does not slow conduction, AF can degenerate rapidly to VF
What is the management of Wolf-parkinson While syndrome?1. Radiofrequency ablation of the accessory pathway 2. Sotalol (avoided if co-existent AF), Amiodarone or Flecainide
What is subacute combined degeneration of the cord?Results from B12 deficiency due to loss of myelin- if someone is deficiency in B12 and folate then give B12 first
What are the side effects of anti-cholinergenic drugs- Ipratropium, Tiotropium?1. Dry eyes 2. Dry mouth 3. Can't pee 4. Can't poo
What resting pO2 should suggest long term O2 therapy?<7.3kPa
What non-medical techniques can be taught to COPD patients to improve symptoms?COPD patients can be taught coughing techniques and how to use a flutter valve and a cappella- these cause vibrations that loosen mucous
What would you hear on auscultation of a patient with pulmonary oedemaFluid within the interstitial causes course crackles
What causes fine crackles on auscultation of the lungs?Pulmonary fibrosis
What would you hear on atelactasis of the lungs (localised collapse)?Course crackles- if a patient cannot fully expand the lungs then atelactasis can occur
What signs should be looked for in tachycardia that would lead to DC cardioversion?Heart failure, shock, hypotension, pallor, sweating, cold-clammy extremities, syncope, MI, confusion
What is the treatment of broad-complex regular tachycardia?Assume VT- loading dose of amiodarone followed by 24 hour infusion
What is the treatment of broad-complex irregular tachycardia?IV magnesium
What is the treatment of narrow-complex regular tachycardia?Vagal manœuvres and IV adenosine (if unsuccessful consider rate control- eg. B-blockers)
What is the treatment of narrow-complex irregular tachycardia?AF- Onset <48 hours then cardioversion, rate control and anticoagulation

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