Program Design (EPHE 253)

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Question Answer
Program AreaThe way activities/services are organized (aquatics, adult program, community event)
Program FormatThe way activities/services are organized for delivery to target population (tournament, drop in, class, special event)
Program ContentDescribes program activities (both short term and long term), WHAT ARE WE TRYING TO ACHIEVE, GOAL OF ACTIVITIES, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?
Time FactorsDescribes beginning and end of program, scheduling duration of planning (GAANT CHARTS)
FacilitiesBuilding or space you're working with
SettingPhysical and social context of event (casual? Formal? Chairs to relax? Atmosphere?)
EquipmentEquipment = permanent/reuseable, supplies = consumables
StaffingRequires plan for recruitment, training, compensation, supervision, evaluation
RegistrationHow are participants going to register? (online, mail, at the facilities?)
Finances & BudgetProfit? Cost?
Risk ManagementAnticipate hazards, REDUCE/ELIMINATE, how will you do this?

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