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Ch 4 (Later Stages of Development)

Question Answer
What organ releases Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone?Hypothalamus
What organ releases gonadotropins?Anterior Pituitaru
Puberty begins approximately _________ years earlier for girls2 years earlier
Puberty for boys happens ____ years later and lasts for ____ years2 years later; lasts 5 years
Longitudinal data indicates a significant number of individuals, particularly girls, who have a “_____ ______” in jaw growth 1 to 2 years before the adolescent growth spurt.juvenile acceleration
Adrenarche: Sex hormones produced by the adrenal glands actually first appear at age _________ in both sexes primarily in the form of DHEA (weak androgen).6 yo
Cranial base of maxilla from synchondroses close ~ age _________. After this point, most growth takes place at maxillary sutures and surfaces.7 yo
The ___ grows more rapidly than the rest of the face, particularly during the adolescent growth spurt.Nose
On the average ramus height increases _________-_________ mm per year and body length increases _________-_________ mm per year1-2 mm/yr; 2-3 mm/yr
Growth in ___ is completed first, then growth in ___, and finally growth in ____. (AP, Transverse, Vertical)Trans --> AP ---> Vertical
Implant studies show that the mandibular core rotates in a way to decrease the mandibular plane angle ____forward

females Adolescent Stages (which Stage... 1-3?)

Question Answer
Breast buds and pubic hair appearsStage 1
~1 year prior to peak velocity growth.Stage 1
Noticeable breast development. Axillary hair.Stage 2
Peak velocity growth.Stage 2
Onset of menstruation, broadened hips.Stage 3
~1 year after peak velocity growth. growth spurt is mostly complete.Stage 3

males adolescent stages (which stage, 1-4?)

Question Answer
“Fat spurt"Stage 1
Decrease in fat, pubic hair appears.Stage 2
Axillary and upper lip hair appears, muscle growth spurt.Stage 3
Peak velocity growthStage 3
Chin hair, increased muscular strength.Stage 4