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Ch 3 (late fetal development & birth)

Question Answer
By the ___ trimester, the fetus weighs ~ 1000 gm and can often survive premature birth.third
Dental development, which begins in the ____ fetal month, proceeds rapidly thereafterthird
Development of all primary teeth and the permanent ____ ____ starts well before birth.first molars
in terms of birth weight, especially in premature births <____ gm at birth are at greater risk of problems in the immediate postnatal period. and <____ gm often did not survive<2500; <1500
t/f: low birth weight infants recover from their initial start and reach normal size and weight over timetrue
(adult or juvenile chewing pattern?) the mandible moves laterally as it opens, then back toward the midline on closingjuvenile
(adult or juvenile chewing pattern?) open straight down, move the jaw laterally and brings the teeth into contactadult
rank these types of sounds in terms of their order of development: (R) posterior tongue positioning, (T & D) tongue tip consonants, (M, P, & B) bilabial sounds, & (S & Z) Sibilant soundsBilabial --> Tongue Tip Consonants --> Sibilant sounds --> R's (posterior tongue)
what is the order of eruption of primary teeth?A, B, D, C, E
Primate spacesare Mesial to ___ Cs and distal to ___ Csm to upper c's; distal to lower c's
The appearance of the ______ ______ has been highly correlated to peak height velocity and start of adolescent growth spurtAdductor Sesamoid
Between what two CVM stages does peak mandibular growth happen?CVM 3 & CVM 4
Of all the various growth indicators "growth ages", which has the least correlation with chronological age?Dental age
What two processes are necessary for pre-emergent eruption?Resorption (of bone and primary tooth roots overlying the crown of the erupting tooth) & Propulsive mechanism
If a tooth bud of is wired to the mandible the tooth no longer erupts, but does resorption of overlying bone proceed?yes it does (cystic cavity)
PDL becomes organized after what point in eruption process?after EMERGENCE
Eruption only occurs between what hours?8 pm - 1 am
Collagen cross-linking in the PDL is more prominent after what post-eruptive event?a tooth comes into occlusal function.
If a permanent tooth on one side erupts but its counterpart on the other does not within _________ months, a radiograph should be taken6 months
Permanent incisor tooth buds lie _____ & _____ to the primary incisors.lingual and apical
Maxillary incisors use just about all the space available; Mandibular incisors use ___mm more space than what’s available. This incisor liability is a normal transitory stage.1.6 mm
Maxillary leeway space is ___mm total1.8 mm (0.9 mm per side)
Mandibular leeway space is ___mm total3.4 mm (1.7 mm per side)
A flush terminal plane requires ___ mm of movement of the lower molar forward relative to the upper molar3.5 mm
Early Mesial Shift is due to ____ space closure; Late Mesial Shif is due to ____ space closurePrimate; Leeway
Distal step becomes Class ___Class II
FTP becomes Class ____Class I (or end-on if growth is unfavorable)
Mesial step becomes Class ____ or Class III if growth continuesClass I or Class III if growth continues

primary tooth eruption

Question Answer
which primary tooth erupts first and at what age?mandibular central incisors; 8 months
which primary tooth erupts second and at what age?maxillary central incisor; 10 months
which primary tooth erupts third and at what age?maxillary lateral incisor; 11 months
which primary tooth erupts 4th and at what age?mandibular lateral incisor' 13 months