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How long is the esophagus?25 cm
How wide is the esophagus?2 cm
What vertebral level does the Esophagus begin at?C5 to C6
At what Vertebral level does the esophagus end?T-11
What Anatomy does the Esophagus begin by?Lower Margin of the Cricoid Cartilage of the Larynx
The Esophagus is located ____ to the Larynx and TracheaPosterior
Is the Esophagus most constricted at the proximal end or the distal end?Proximal
The Esophagus Pierces the Diaphragm at what vertebral level?T10
Where the the 2 indentations occur on the Esophagus?The Aortic Arch and the Left Pulmonary Bronchus
The Abdominal segment of the Esophaugs is termed what? How long is it?Cardiac Antrum; 1 to 2 cm
The Cardiac Antrum curves sharply to the ___ to attach to the _____Left; Stomach
What is the opening between the stomach and the Esophagus called?Esophagogastric Junction (Cardiac Orifice)
Is the Esophagus collapsible?Yes

The Stomach

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What is the most dilated portion of the Alimentary Canal?The Stomach
What are the 3 main subdivisions of the stomach?Fundus, Body, Pylorus Portion
What small circular muscle, found between the esophagus and the stomach, allows food to enter the stomach?Cardiac sphincter
What is the pocket of air commonly found in the stomach called?The Gastric Bubble
What portion of the Stomach is the pocket of air found in?Fundus
The pyloric portion of the stomach is divided into how many portions? What are they?2 portions; Pyloric Canal and Pyloric Antrum
What are the Mucosal Folds within the stomach called?Rugae
These mucosal folds are found in the lesser curvature and funnel food from the body to the pylorusGastric Canal

Stomach position/Barium Position

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Where does the Fundus sit?Superior and Posterior to the Body
In the Supine Position, the ___ of the stomach is the most posterior portionFundus
In the Supine position, where does the heavy barium settle?In the Fundus
In the RAO, recumbent position, where does the Fundus sit?It sits high
In the RAO recumbent position, where does gas go?It goes to the Fundus


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How long is the duodenum in cm?20 to 24 cm
The C-loop houses what anatomy?The head of the Pancreas
Are the head of the pancreas Retroperitoneal or Intraperitoneal?Retro
What are the 4 parts of the Duodenum?1.Superior Portion 2.Descending Portion (receives bile ducts and Pancreatic) 3. Horizontal Portion 4. Ascending portion
What is the part of the Duodenum that articulates with the Pyloris?The Duodenal bulb
The final portion of the Duodenum articulates with what Anatomy?Jejunum
What is the ligament found on the Duodenum?Ligament of Treitz


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What is Chewing called?Mastication
What is swallowing called?Deglutition
The passing of solid or semisolid food from the mouth to the stomach takes how long?4 to 8
How long does Gastric emptying take?2 to 6 hours
The churning or mixing activity of the small intestines is called what?Rhythmic segmentation
How long does it take chyme to move through the small intestines?3 to 5 hours
What 3 substances must be chemically digested to be absorbed?Carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids

Body Habitus/Hypersthenic

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What are the four types of body Habitus from Largest to most slender?1.Hypersthenic, Sthenic, Hyposthenic, Asthenic
What percentage of the population is Hypersthenic?3%
What percentage of the populations is Sthenic?50%
What percentage of the population is Hyposthenic35%
What percentage of the population is Asthenic?10%
Which is the biggest body type?Hypersthenic
Which is the MOST slender body type?Asthenic
Where does the Duodenum lie on a Hypersthenic patient?Well to the Right of Midline
At what vertebral level does the stomach lie in a Hypersthenic Patient?T9-T12
On a Hypersthenic Patient, where is the Duodenal Bulb?T11-T12
Is the Duodenum to the right=or left of Midline on a Hypersthenic Patient?The right


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What is the Vertebral level of the stomach on Hyposthenic/Asthenic patients?T11-L5
Where does the Vertical portion of the stomach lie on these patients?To the Left of midline
Where is the Duodenal Bulb located on these patients?Near Midline at L4-L5 (iliac Crest)


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At what Vertebral level does the stomach lie on these patients?T11-L2
At What level is the Duodenum/GB on these patients?L1 to L2 (Lower Rib Margin)
Where does the GB lie transversely on these patients?Between midline and Right margin of abdomen

Contrast Media

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Is Radiolucent Contrast media Negative or Positive?Negative
Is Radiopaque contrast media Negative or Positive?Positive
If Barium Sulfate cannot be used because of perforation, what is used instead?Water-soluble iodinated contrast media


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What are the ways to test for Esophagel reflux?Breathing Exercises, Water Test, Compression paddle technique, Toe-Touch maneuver
What are the Breathing exercises used?Valsalva and Mueller
The UGI study consists of what?Distal Esophagus, Stomach, and Duodenum
What is the Pb equivalent that Lead Aprons and thyroid shields must be?.50 Pb Equivalent
What is the Pb equivalent that the bucky slot shield and drapes by the tower must be?.25 mm Pb
To reduce exposure, how far away must the tech be for fixed fluoro units?No less than 15 inches
What sides of the fixed fluoro unit give the most exposure? :Head and foot
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Is Patient does higher with Convention or Digital fluoro?Conventional

Clinical indications for UGI

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What is the name for a mass of undigested material?Bezoar