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Question Answer
Reference project plan documentThis document describes the document structure, it's typical that project management documents has formal structure.
Feasibility studyA feasibility study evaluates an idea with an emphasis on identifying potential challenges and attempts to find an answer for main question: Will the proposed idea work and should you go ahead with it?
Meeting Agenda Template FileUse this template in project meetings.
Minutes of the meeting FileUse this template for writing a memo of the meeting
Early phases of Project PlanningObjectives, Resources, Organization, Preparations, Teamwork, Controlling
Identifying Source NeedsMake or buy
Resource Evaluation of projectPrice, costs, productivity, availability
Capacity of resourcesresources needed for project
ImmaterialSkills, rights, repuation, network, knowledge, strategy and management, time
PhysicalMoney, HR, Equipment, Tools, Buildings
Projects are collaborations to tackleSupply/Demand and Organization, sharing tasks and using meetings for implementing and steering
To work togetherrecognize skills, organization vision and culture
3rd party members of projectsvendors, suppliers, consultants and communities
Controlresource planning, evaluation and follow up
Tools of managing projectMeetings, milestones, plans, software and assessment
Project view of timeLimited, has start,end and duration. Projects are a set of operations to complete one goal, often multiple skills involved
Five GroupsInitiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, Closing
Project Finance considersBuying Services, Results to Investors, and Costs
ImplementationIntegration, Time, HR, Organization structure
QualityRisk Management, Scope, Competences and Skills, Definition of Results
CommunicationStakeholders, Documentation, Procedures, End Results
Project MgmtApplication of knowledge, skills, tools, techniques to meet goal, each having unique focuses, expectations and routines
IT Project TypesPilot, First IS Project, Re-Implementation, Develop existing IS
Pilot projectReduces risk, experience, solutions, reqs and for secure funding. 1.testing existing process 2. How to control supply 3. Compatibility Matter 4. Collective Experience
First ISNew system with no old data transfer, important for stakeholders. Needs realistic understanding and expectations, must recognize risks and recovery plan, collect understanding
First IS Riskmore faith than knowledge than how to run, resistance to change, too specific and not seeing larger picture
Re-implementationto continue obsoleted tech, fail previous project, scalability
Re-implementation benefit1. replace vendor 2. Need new supplies or capabilities 3. To use own system 4. reorganizing and budgeting
Re-implementation riskmotivation can be low if failed, data conversion, end users resistant, commitment of management
Develop Own systemneed to manage, improve hardware, software or data. managing system suppliers or services, for needs of business, costs, environment, knowledge and business reqs
Planning processis more important than the result, good place to communicate and delegate, and innovation, you will not have everything you need from the start. most important is to adapt.
Plans includeimplementation plan, dependency diagram and schedule, org chart and staffing, budget, payment schedule, communications plan, resource management, issues and change management, quality
Planning shouldclear objective, same vision or outcome, define scope, decide roles, timeline,
Planeverything is documented, system requirements and task groups, are documented, develop criteria to validate outcome, make report monthly with risk, weekly comms with leaders with review, approval of purchases and payment, project newsletter or blog
Project failsskills, expectations, to understand problems, changes in people, politics, change in scope, budget and lack of testing, lack of facts, see common reasons, minimize consequences, 30-70% fail, now more common, planning strategies avoid all these problems. Contracts required
FeasabilityEconomic, is it cost effective or affordable, has return ROI and Payback Period, Net Present Value, Technical, is it available, is current sufficient, can be upgraded and what needs to be purchased or installed, Operational, HR available, does it do user tasks, fit culture, will it work in org, Schedule, are other projects going on, is there enough time to meet date, is time feasible
Legalare there any regulations, is approval requirement, does it involve money, is it ethical