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Question Answer
Charge of DNANegative
Modified bases tend to:regulate transcription
highly condenses DNA (B,A, or Z)Z (left handed)
A DNA is found in what state?dehydrated
linear single stranded molecule-carries codon information for translation-2% of total RNAmRNA
percentage of tRNA16%
percentage of rRNA82%
DNA and RNA synth directionDNA synthesis: 5' to 3', so the parent strand is read from 3' to 5'. mRNA synthesis: same as above
All oxidoreductases needa coenzyme. when substrate is oxidized, coenzyme is reduced
Upstream v downstreamUpstream is toward the 5' end of the RNA molecule and downstream is toward the 3' end. When considering double-stranded DNA, upstream is toward the 5' end of the coding strand for the gene in question and downstream is toward the 3' end
Non-Competitive inhib Km, VmaxVmax reduces, Km unchanged.
Competitive inhib Km, VmasVmax = same, apparent Km larger (but affinity is the same)
Lineweaver Burk PlotThe intercept with the y-axis is 1/Vmax, the intercept with the x-axis is -1/Km, the slope is Km/Vmax

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