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In a nutshell...

You can create private pages that are visible to only you, and optionally to other people you decide to share the page with. Click the Create button to choose a wizard, then click the "or change to private..." link before saving.


You can assign a "sharephrase" to a page you create. Then you can tell people the sharephrase and they'll be able to access the page. They don't even need a account!

To assign a sharephrase to a page you're creating

Select "private with sharephrase" after you click the "or change to private..." link in a wizard.

To update the sharephrase of an existing private page

Click the private link under the page name and update the sharephrase.

Multiple pages

You can create several pages linked together (see Linking Quickstart) and assign them all the same sharephrase. Then people you share with can click the links to view the pages without having to enter the sharephrase multiple times.


Sharelinks are special url's that you can send to people to make it easier for them to access private pages. The url includes a special version of the sharephrase, so people who have the sharelink can access the page without typing the sharephrase.

To create a sharelink

Click the Share button and check the "create sharelink" checkbox. Then you'll likely want to copy and paste the sharelink into an email and send it to people.


Sharelinks correspond with the sharephrase in effect when the sharelink was created. So, you can disable sharelinks by changing or removing the sharephrase of the page.


Creating private pages and sending sharelinks to people is a great way to share training and knowledge-base material.

Sharing with specific users

To share a page with specific users, you don't need a sharephrase. You can add tags like [share: steve] somewhere on your page, and then user 'steve' will be able to access the page. Usually these tags are put under section with the heading "Sharing with".

Email notifications

When someone edits a private version you've shared with them, you'll get an email telling you they edited and showing you the changes they made, with a link to their version. If you edit their version they'll get an email telling them you edited, etc.


Note that each time someone edits your version an email notification will be sent to you, but not when they make subsequent edits to their version of it.


If you don't want to receive notification emails for a page go to it and click "Share", then uncheck "notify me".

Editing and collaborating

As with public pages, when a user edits someone else's private page their own version is created, and the original private page is left in tact. This allows users to collaborate without worrying about interfering with each others' versions. You can always click the "compare" link to see the differences between versions, and optionally merge them.


If you send someone a private page and they create their own version of it (by editing) their version will be shared with you by default. Then if you edit their version, it will be shared with you as well. You'll notice that links like [share: steve] are automatically added to the page. You can always remove them if you no longer want to share with those people.


Thus private pages are a great way to collaborate and augment emails when you're trying to get at the facts. Try sending someone a table with unanswered questions in the left column and blank cells in the right column, such as:


Question Answer
What time is the meeting??
Can I bring my dog?


You can create an unlimited number of public pages. You can create 4 private pages for free. If you write a blog post about, we'll add another free private page. If you find private pages useful enough that you need more than 4 or 5, we ask that you pay a monthly fee starting at $2.50 per month for 10 private pages.


We offer special enterprise pricing for large organizations that use private pages to create training material and knowledge bases for large numbers of people.


Question Answer
To create a private pageclick "Create" to choose wizard, and click or change to private... before saving.
To share a private pagegive the the page a sharephrase and send someone a sharelink (or just tell them the sharephrase)
To give a private page a sharephrasego to the page and click the "private" link (under the page name)
To send someone a sharelinkgo to a private page that has a sharelink, click the "Share" button (top of page) and check "create sharelink" (then email the link to people)
How to easily share multiple pageslink them together and give them the same sharephrase
You'll get an email notification whensomeone with whom you shared the private page edits it (creates their own version)

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