Principles of fitness

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five components of fitnesscardio respiratory, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, body comp
whati s the most importantcardio respiratory endurance
how can muscular strench training help with losing fat and maintaining body weightgood muscle mass = good metabolism = weight loss. u build lean muscle which burns calories faster even when restingq
why is it important to have muscular enduranceimportant for injury prevention and decrease in fatigue
good flexibility assists becauseimproves joint range of motion. improves atheltic performance and decreases risk of injury
definition of body compratio of lean muscle tissue to body fat
key to fat loss through exercise isintensity, making exercise more harder for urself

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begin with apreconditioning program
2 to 3 weeks atstart of program
decreases chance of injuryand soreness which is why #1 why people quit

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apply the progressive resistance exercise principle
gradually overloada body system. it is able to gain additional function
be sure to give recovery time of 24-48 hours

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follow the FIT PRINCIPLE
frequency3-4 times a week. STRENGTH CARDIO
intensity70% of max strength at or above training heart rate
time30-45 min of cardio coninutes. 1 min rest between sets.

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principle of specificity
need to trainspecifically for improvements who want to see

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alternate lightand heavy workouts
body responds best to these types of workouts
reduces risks of injuryand allows recovery
never train hardon consecutive days

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warm up...before workouts
body responds bestto these types of workouts as well
reduces risk of injury
warms upmuscles

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cool downat the end of workouts
to assist in blood flow back to the heart and muscles after workouts
bring HR back to resting
walking jogging stretching for 5 mins

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individual variations
different people respond differently to workouts because of the following
stage of growthhormones
nutritionrest, sleep
illness orinjury
level of fitness

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