Pressure Ulcer stages

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Question Answer
What is eschar?black , dead necrotic tissue
stage 4Skin loss is full thickness with exposed or palpable muscle, tendon or bone
stage 4Slough and eschar (black dead necrotic tissue) are often present on at least part of the wound
unstageableSkin loss is full thickness, and the base is completely covered with slough or eschar, obscuring the true depth
stage 3Subcutaneous may be lost, damaged or necrotic
stage 3Damage extends down to but not through underlying fascia
stage 2bruising is not present
stage 2Ulcer is superficial and may be characterized as an abrasion, blister or shallow crater
stage 2Skin is not intact; reveals subcutaneous tissue
stage 2Partial thickness skin loss of epidermis/dermis
stage 1Area, usually over a bony prominence is red and does not blanch
stage 1 skin is intact
stage 1Ulcer appears as a defined area of persistent redness in light skin; in darker skin the ulcer may appear with persistent red, blue or purple hues