Preschool Milestones

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Question Answer
preschool physical - the rule of _____3; 3 yrs, 3 ft, 33 lbs
weight gain4-5 lbs per year
growth3-4 inches per year
refines complex skillspreschool physical
improves fines motor skills and hand-eye coordinationpreschool physical
able to cut with scissors and draw shapespreschool physical
typical age of toilet training3-3.5 years old
ego-centric, illogical, magical thinkingpreschool cognitive
explosion of vocab; learning syntax, grammar; understood by 75% of people by age 3preschool cognitive
poor understanding of time, value, sequence of eventspreschool cognitive
vivid imaginations; some difficulty separating fantasy from realitypreschool cognitive
accurate memory, but more suggestible than older childrenpreschool cognitive
primitive drawing, can't represent themselves in drawing till age 4preschool cognitive
don't realize others have different perspectivepreschool cognitive
leave out important factspreschool cognitive
may misinterpret visual cues of emotionspreschool cognitive
receptive language better than expressive till age 4preschool cognitive
cooperative, imaginative, may involve fantasy and imaginary friends, takes turns in gamespreschool social
develops gross and fine motor skills; social skills; experiment with social roles; reduces fearspreschool social
wants to please adultspreschool social
development of conscience; incorporates parental prohibitions; feels guilty when disobedient; simplistic idea of "good and bad" behaviorpreschool social
curious about his and other's bodies, may masturbatepreschool social
no sense of privacypreschool social
primitive, stereotypic understanding of gender rolespreschool social
self-esteem based on what others tell him or herpreschool emotional
increasing ability to control emotions; less emotional outburstspreschool emotional
increased frustration tolerancepreschool emotional
better delay gratificationpreschool emotional
rudimentary sense of selfpreschool emotional
understands concepts of right and wrongpreschool emotional
self-esteem reflects opinions of significant otherspreschool emotional
curiouspreschool emotional
self-directed in many activitiespreschool emotional

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